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Understanding the “Porter”

25 May

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One of the foremost teachings that the Davidian Bashan group uses is the idea that a man, a human being must stand in a position of authority to “inspect” the people of God. They teach that this guide  (porter) is needed today to properly manage, inspect and instruct the flock to enable them into the kingdom. But is that really so?

As we began to investigate this porter teaching we came across Mt. Dale’s study guide explaining clear concise points  on this subject. So why re-invent the wheel? So here is the part of their Bashan report dealing with the porter.

NOTE: If giving a presentation on this, the highlighted helpful quotes (in green) should be discussed as they bring further clarity to our subject.

Is The Spirit Of Prophecy Ever Quiescent?

Note: Quoting 3 Ans. p. 60 some would have us believe that the Spirit of prophecy was inactive or dormant between 1915 (Sister White’s death) and 1930 when the Rod was introduced.

3 Ans. 60 —The “gift of Inspiration” became quiescent not the Spirit of

There Is To Be No Prophet In The Church Before The Kingdom

GCS 8 – No other voice of “Timely truth” and “Authority”

GCS 19 – The “one” to “Interpret” and “Announce”

GCS 23 – “Last prophet to church today”

GCS 31,32 – “The Last”

9 Tr 67 – “Last Heaven sent proclamation”

13 Tr 11 – “Last” prophet to the “World”

1 Ans. 78 – “The last messenger to prepare the way of the Lord”

2 TG 10:29 (3)—More light cannot come until the “sealing of the 144,000” has been effected.

See also 1 TG 11:12; 1 TG 14:21; 1 TG 5:12; 2 SR 9, 230, 231 (Bottom)

(Note: We at HEARYETHEROD would add that Jezreel Letter, no. 9, p.1-2 shows that Brother Houteff would be the “very last” prophet with the “very last” message to the SDA church.)

Whoever claims he has the Spirit of Prophecy has a timely message (2TG 45:6). Whoever claims that He is a teaching prophet, or seeks to compel us to hear his message or voice is an authority. This is a “Rank Imposter”, and will lead “their victims blind-folded into perdition”

(GCS 8). As John the Baptist was last before Christ’s 1st Advent, the Elijah of today is the last before “the Great and Dreadful day of The Lord”. In other words, though we expect to learn much more of God’s word in the Kingdom, we have come to the last of the prophets. Ellen White said another would come (TM 475), but here we see that “one” clearly and emphatically from the Scriptures stated that we have come to the last. Thus we so-called prophets of today are contradicting the former messenger, thereby speaking against God and his truth. We must accept the message as it reads.

See 1 Ans. 53; 3 Ans. 58; 1 SM 180,181.

The Porter Is A Prophet

The idea that a man must inspect you is usurping the position of God. God alone knows the heart. See 4 T 453; DA 194; 4T 583; 5T 246.

Summary: 1 TG 2:19,20

a. The porter is the “one through whom the Spirit of Prophecy is manifested” —A prophet.

b. The Porter is to open the door to those complying with the “Requirements”. (1 TG 2:20.)

c. The Porter would be just an average mortal with a message from God.


Brother Houteff was therefore the Porter or prophet who brought the last message to the Church, thus he was the last messenger or Porter. He opened the door by bringing a message of truth. The keynote is the truth, the message is what decides who enters or does not. The Porter was guided by the Spirit to bring a present truth message which we must live up to thereby sealing the saints-opening the door to those who comply with its requirements.

Education Department
Davidic Levitical Institute
Mt. Carmel Center
Mountain Dale, New York 12763


Getting to the Bottom of the Incorporation Issue

18 May

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There is no doubt that one of the most contentious issues surrounding us as Davidians is the 501 C3 incorporation issue. For many years now this issue has often been brought up in reports, blogs, videos, etc.

Let’s face it when we think of Incorporation we most likely think of big companies, worldly transactions, money, property and a host of other world connections. So we should be very careful to understand this issue fully when it comes to our religion.

Unfortunately, there have been some reports and videos that have covered this issue with an agenda in mind to taint all other organizations that Inc. thus attemtpting to bring the flock to their un-Inc. group. For instance, some so-called “storehouses” in our midst have not incorporated and because they see this as God condemned, they accuse any and all who do such things as “evil, apostate, corrupt”, etc.

But we would like to review this issue from our DSDA history and look at the arguments against and for Incorporation. Let’s try and get to the bottom of this issue because as we looked out in the Davidian world we found no counterview, so we were forced to step up to the plate.


The first and most often Rod reference used against Incorporation is found in Tract 8, page 4. However, instead of the practice of taking the reference from its context, let’s show the full reference.

  1. The Rod reference about Incorporation — “Time has already demonstrated that the S.D.A. organization is fulfilling the type.  Preferring to incorporate, and to elect officers by the people’s vote, they have thereby manifested that they have cared not so much to please God by being “a peculiar people,” as He would have them to be, as they have to please themselves by being as much as possible like the other denominations — just as in Saul’s time the people wanted to be like the nations round about them (1 Sam. 8:5, 7).And although chosen by the people, yet the General Conference officers were nevertheless accepted by God to be the rulers over His people now, as Saul was anciently.  Just as he betrayed his trust, however by disobeying the Word of God as spoken to him by the prophet Samuel, so the present church organization, “the ancient men…before the house,” have, says the prophet to the church today “betrayed their trust.” — Testimonies Vol. 5 p. 211. (For a more ample treatment of the subject of organization, see our Organization Manual.)

   Speaking to the S.D.A. leadership, the servant of the Lord says: “You have no right to manage, unless you manage in God’s order. Are you under the control of God?  Do you see your responsibility to Him?… That these men should stand in a sacred place to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be, — that is past.  What we want now is  reorganization.” — General Conference Bulletin, 34th Session, Vol. 4, Extra No. 1, April 3, 1901, p. 25, Cols. 1 and 2. (Tract 4, p.48-49)

It is noteworthy to say that despite the Incorporating and election by the people they were “accepted by God”. Let us also remember, the act of choosing of Saul was not God’s people’s undoing, rather the disobedience of Saul (the SDA leadership today) in following God’s orders that were. 

“Now the day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed to Samuel:  “Tomorrow about this time I will send to you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you shall anoint him to be prince over my people Israel. He shall save my people from the hand of the Philistines. For I have seen my people because their cry has come to me.”  When Samuel saw Saul, the Lord told him, “Here is the man of whom I spoke to you! He it is who shall restrain my people.” (1 Samuel 9:15-17)

       2.  An Incorporation is a form of Confederacy to the world.

The adherents of the anti-incorporation position are vocal in warning that such a connection to the state will bring dire results. For example on one of the vocal anti-Inc. sites it reads —

“..this masterful plan of deception, designed to entrap and destroy the power and force of the Rod message, has been passed upon us hardly without notice nor much thought of concern.”

Designed to entrap and destroy the Rod message? Is that really true or hyperbole?  Does this 501 c3 really destroy the power and force of the message to the people? Or is this fear-mongering by a couple of organizations, well known for slandering and down beating Waco and Mt. Dale for example? Do they have an agenda to divert members and/or tithes from other more successful and prosperous organizations into their own coffers?

In this confederacy argument, one site uses Isaiah 8:11 in their anti-Inc. article.

“Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.”—Isaiah 8:11

However as mentioned previously in one of our posts, the Isaiah 8: 9-15 confederacy issue is addressed by the Rod  in three references only —

1 — TG, vol. 2, no.41, p.18-20

2 — Tract 14, p.44-45

3 — Military Stand Tract, p. 5, 12,15

None of these have the remotest application to DSDA with Incorporation or the like, or even SDA and their Incorporation since 1863.  See this link for this Isaiah 8 study —

      3. Traps set by Incorporating

Noted on the anti-Inc. site is —

“Corporations, as creations of the government do not possess natural rights. Only natural persons (created by God) can possess the natural rights that God bestows. The so-called “rights possessed by corporations are merely government-granted privileges and benefits—artificial rights for artificial persons. Once a church incorporates, it may no longer rely on the Constitution to protect its unalienable rights. It has voluntarily waived its constitutional protections and exchanged them for the protection of the state.”

Ah, this appears formidable and scary, right? Has the Incorporating trapped us and caused damage to the present truth message? As we continue we will see that this is nothing more than a paper tiger, toothless and used for fear mongering to faithful Davidians by unscrupulous organizations.

Ok, let’s now look at the opposite view.


First, we shall look at our Davidian History in regard to Incorporation.

        1. Historical precedent 

Let’s look at what was actually practiced by brother Houteff in later years. There is a sound reason why the original DSDA management structure needed to adapt to the times. We shall quote an eye witness who resided on the camp during the active years of the Mt. Carmel camp under VTH –brother George  Saether. He is not just an ordinary witness but a long time council member during VTH’s tenure.

Let’s look at the evolution process of the council.

McGEE: Let me get this straight. Up until 1948, the council was composed of seven and four of those were the officers.

SAETHER: That’s right,

McGEE: If I remember those four officers were Brother Houteff, Elder
Wilson was vice president, Mrs, Houteff was secretary and Mrs. Hermanson
was treasurer.

SAETHER: Your memory’s good,

McGEE: Okay. Then there were three others who were members of the
council who made up the whole council.

SAETHER: That’s right.

McGEE: In 1948 that changed. How large a council—
SAETHER: Well, we had seven.

McGEE: Seven members of the council. Were any of the four people that
I’ve just named on that council?

SAETHER: No, they weren’t. And none of them attended. For six years
not one of those including Brother Houteff ever attended the council
meetings. And, I was the secretary.
McGEE: For the council.

SAETHER: For the council.

McGEE: During those six years, did you have approximately the same
people as members of the council?

SAETHER: Well they—pretty much so. They changed a little. Some
moved away in those six years and maybe—

McGEE: How were those seven people originally chosen? Who chose them?
SAETHER: Brother Houteff chose them.

McGEE: Brother Houteff appointed them.

SAETHER: That’s right.  (Baylor memoirs of GWS, interview 7, p. 309-310)

McGEE: The chairman was appointed by Brother Houteff?

SAETHER: Brother Houteff. Now the three of us, maybe we appointed
them, I don’t recollect. Anyway, it was the duty of the council to
fill any vacancies among the officers. The council members were to
be chosen by the council.

At first they were appointed by Brother Houteff. He made this
suit himself. I mean—he wasn’t about to relinquish any hold on it.
As he said one time, “With people coming in”—there were all different
kinds of ideas. A person had to be wise enough to keep things on the
level keel or something of that order.

I remember one time he said, “Not one of you ever voted me into
this office here.” He bought the land himself, under his oxmi name,
at first. Then as time went on he could see that it was—didn’t take
him very long then, to consider that it was necessary to have this
thing on some kind of a legal basis.

If he sold the land, who would sell it? Well, it would be in the name of the General Association. The way he had it, all the officers and all the council members were to be selected by a vote of the council in session. Except the president. (Interview 7, p.315-316)

Although not making a corporation outright, the organization structure (council elected by voting) was set up and established. The DSDA ownership title became important.

      2. 100% Rod only groups Incorporated

Since 1963 official DSDA associations, from Warden led California group to Bro. Adair’s Salem group to Mt. Dale/ Waco, all have Incorporated. It may be appropriate to ask — Why did Brother Warden who was one of VTH’s right-hand man Incorporate? He was well read and obviously knew the organized structure of the original VTH’s DSDA and the LEV. Tract counsel? Nearly ALL the pioneers took part in this INC. structure. Why?

No doubt there must be more than meet the eye here. They not only did this, but the tiny few who regrouped gained converts and went from a tiny few to the ten’s of thousands of DSDA we have today! Does not the message tell us the Lord is in control of His work (sealing of the 144,00)? Ezekiel Tract shows us this.

The anti-Inc. sites, to be perfectly honest, must admit according to their condemnations of Incorporation of DSDA organizations, that Christ our King HAS ABANDONED THE WORK  for over 60 years! That is right. Because they think Christ has not nor is now working with Incorporated associations! What a corner they have painted themselves into!

     3. The Incorporated Associations have numerous benefits from INC.

Under the IRS 501 c3 “Tax Guide for Churches & Religious Organizations” public report it reads —

Religious Organizations

Unlike churches, religious organizations that wish to be tax exempt generally must apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status unless their gross receipts do not normally exceed $5,000 annually.

The above IRS guidelines show that Mt. Dale and Waco, for example, could not receive Tax exempt benefits if they did not INC. Why? Because they cannot and do not meet the qualifications of a “Church” but rather a religious organization. One of the requirements which they cannot meet is regular worship services, obviously. This cannot be done as we DSDA do not have a separate church for worship purposes.

Further being INC. requires them to have some legal accountability concerning their income (Tithes) and expenses. The members can request to see them and know just where the funds are going and for what.  But the anti-Inc. groups have no such legal accountability. They can privately without oversight do whatever they want and not be accountable at all!

Another VERY important aspect to formally Incorporating is that it keeps property and finances protected from unscrupulous parties they may come into management to pilfer and abuse assets. This could have been the reason the Lord allowed the very first Inc. back in 1963 as there was obviously some financial difficulties in those early days with some unscrupulous characters.

Next time you hear the anti-Inc groups talk about INC. groups as condemned, ask them if they show any annual tithe income/expense accountability to their tithe payers? The subject is mooted by them because they want no accountability! The Lord is not mocked.

Our DSDA history shows financial accountability —

” The Financial Status of Mt. Carmel Center, S.R.S.D.A’s.

Having viewed Mt. Carmel’s improvements, we feel sure that Present Truth believers will also greatly appreciate a financial report. We are therefore setting forth the following comparative tithe and offering report, also a Balance Sheet for the years 1930, 1935, 1936, and 1939….

Receipts and Disbursements Statement-The foregoing report represents the total amount of all monies received (including loans) and disbursements made since coming to Mt. Carmel. It discloses the fact that the total receipts since the work on Mt. Carmel began, are $77,567.20, whereas the assets are $90,728.10, showing that the assets exceed the receipts by $13,160.90. These figures reveal that we have carried the message and the school for five years, at a profit of $13,160.90.” (SC, vol. 6, no.1-6, p.9)

Our SDA church history also shows this transparent accountability as follows —



This district includes the States of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Utah, also British Columbia. The territory is divided into four Conferences,—California, North Pacific, Upper Columbia, and Montana,—Utah still remaining a General Conference mission field. The history of the work in the district during the past two years contains some interesting features. GCB April 4, 1901, p. 53.10

Twenty-nine churches have been organized during the past biennial period, the number in the district now being 184. There are also 27 unorganized companies. The present membership is 9,286; 8,488 being connected with the organized churches, 358 with the unorganized companies, and 440 isolated. This shows a gain of 1,260 Sabbath-keepers. Fourteen church buildings have been erected. There are 157 laborers in the field, 64 ordained ministers, 46 licentiates, and 47 missionary licentiates; 122 of these receive Conference support. Six of the workers have been ordained to the gospel ministry. GCB April 4, 1901, p. 53.11

The financial statements show that $153,629,72 tithe has been paid into the treasuries, a gain of $28,730 over the previous two years. Every Conference has participated in this gain, the per capita rate being increased from $15.56 to $16.59, an increase of $11.03 per capita. The donations for foreign missions, regular and annual, have amounted to $17,649.52, a gain of $7,384.62. During the same time the Sabbath-schools have contributed $15,020.75; $5,253.54 of this amount being devoted to the foreign work. A total from these sources of $22,903.06 has thus been given for the spread of the gospel in distant lands.

The tithes, missionary offerings, and Sabbath-school donations have been $185,299.99. The canvassing work has not had that prosperity it should have enjoyed. Books to the value of $57,888.29 have been disposed of by a rather small corps of canvassers. The outlook for better work in this line is encouraging. Of our periodicals there are taken 1,519 of the Review and Herald, 5,583 Signs of the Times, 1,794 Youth’s Instructors, and 1,904 of the Sentinel of Liberty.” (GCB, April 4, 1901)

Another great benefit is that Tithe payers can deduct their Tithes yearly from their taxes. Personally speaking, this has been a big boon to our family! It has allowed our annual total tithes paid to offset our secular income and lowering our tax bill to the government, thereby enabling us to have more funds to send out present truth packages around the world. No such deductions can be taken from an anti-inc group nor their tithe payers unless they skirt the law and try to gamble with the IRS.

Summary —

How can we add it all up? There is no doubt that the Lord is in control and He has allowed Incorporation to exist for His storehouses for about 56 years (since 1963). Thousands have come into the message through INC. associations. Ironically the very anti-Inc people who scream the loudest are also in the message because of the Lord’s INC. associations bringing them into it! But they never think of that, do they?

Lastly, and most important of all, we must remember that the winds are held back according to Rev. 7 until the 144,000 are sealed. What does that mean? That any and all strife, persecution, government meddling, etc CANNOT stop any and all from learning and accepting the Rod message right now. Can we name one thing Incorporating has done to harm the spreading of the message?

Remember the false and deceitful words this masterful plan of deception, designed to entrap and destroy the power and force of the Rod message” by the anti-Inc. tricksters are nothing but scaremongering designed to make you lose faith in God’s true associations, and separate you from your money into their coffers.

If you are bothered by this Inc. status bring your  case to the proper authorities, but while the case is being heard and after thorough discussion let’s do as we are counseled–

“Make your complaint, plainly and openly, in the right spirit, to the proper ones. Send in your petitions for things to be adjusted and set in order; but do not withdraw from the work of God, and prove unfaithful, because others are not doing right.” (Testimonies, vol. 9, p.249)

“…whether our management of the tithe be right or wrong, after the tithe has been turned to the “storehouse,” the tithe payers have done their duty and stand blameless before God, whereas the stewards of God’s “storehouse” alone from that time on bear its responsibility.” (SC, vol.2, no.1, p.7)

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” (John 10:27-28)




Following Our Storehouse History (Part 5 of 5) Summary

3 Mar

Image result for God's storehouse picture


As we ended our last report, we mentioned that Bro. Adair was successful in his first missionary trip to the West Indies Islands. Adair explains more during these early years after the Storehouse transfer to Salem —

“So I was elected as  the new Vice-President in July of 1974 when I was forty-two years old ; and I continued working in the Salem office until  1975. During those years I went back to some of the West Indies Islands to study with the brethren; also to Jamaica six times. The leaders  were Bro. Edwards in Kingston and Bro. Morgan in Brownstown, who took me to visit the brethren in their cars.

And Bro. Norman Archer would sometimes take for a ride on the back of his motor bike to visit the brethren; so all the Davidians in Jamaica knew me very well. When I returned to  Salem, we continued to print the original SRod literature, which the Davidians everywhere wanted, because M.J. Bingham and Ben Roden were not printing it.” (A Davidian Testimony, p.283)

The Storehouse at that time, was procuring future leaders/workers for His advancing eastward movements, through Bro. Adair. Additionally we see that there seemed a shortage of Rod material in the field which Salem stepped in to fill.

“We are happy to announce that on September 4, 1971, we received the Charter from the State of South Carolina. This is the culmination of about fourteen month’s work with both South Carolina and California legal authorities in obtaining the necessary  legal procedure for a clear title to our Charter. we, the Council, believe that the Lord has led and the way is open to republish religious literature. Our chief aim is to print the Shepherd’s Rod message as given by Bro. V.T. Houteff. Publishing is to be done under the above name –‘General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists.” (Sym. Code, vol. 10, no.2, July-Sept, 1971, p.9)  (A Davidian Testimony, p.260)

“Bro. V.T. Houteff, the author of The Shepherd’s Rod literature, wrote 168 books and tracts, totaling 4,700 pages (besides his other literature–The Symbolic Codes).   Some were combined together in Nos. and Vols., which totaled 40 books and tracts.   After his death in 1955, and his wife had liquidated his Association Headquarters at Mt. Carmel Center in Waco, Texas, it was re-established in Riverside, California and later moved to Salem, So. Carolina in 1970, where all of his 40 books and tracts were reprinted.” (Adair’s website)

During those years Adair tells of some challenges the headquarters faced with the Rodens and Vernon Howell, both attempted to influence the Salem organization to accept their teachings. Roden with the feast keeping, Holy Spirit is female, and Roden as the “Elijah” doctrines and Howell with his perverse “I am the current Lamb” doctrine. Salem soundly rejected these heresies.


At this point we’d like to step back and make mention of some very important insights that we must not lose track of. Our King began the post K-Blow movement with the “faithful 100% Rod only” movement in Californiain 1961.His Storehouse/headquarters regrouped and formed a Leviticus Tract based Rod government. But it very soon was challenged by our adversary, working through so-called” friends of the Gospel”, attempting to allow additions and false doctrines from M.J. Bingham.

But our King is too wise to allow His movement to get thrown off the ORIGINAL ROD MESSAGE. The message that seals the 144,000! Thus we know that God in His infinite wisdom watches over His flock carefully, especially when false man-made theories attempt to become part of His true Storehouse/headquarters.

Salem was indeed chosen as an eastward advancement of His movement, as explained in part four. Adair and his people , at that time, knew that from there the message of Elijah was to go forward and God made sure they resumed the lazy and haphazard work of publishing the Rod literature that apparently was lacking in the vineyard. It appears from hindsight that two important actions were to be accomplished by Salem 1) Resume the faithful publishing work 2) Secure the Lord’s future eastward leaders for his next Storehouse/location headquarters.

Soon God would resume His eastward movement through new channels. Salem’s additions, just like Bingham’s additions would not and could not, be allowed in the Golden Bowl. That turning point occurred in 1982. 

As mentioned, Bingham attempted to bring in additions to the Golden Bowl. One of those was the deceptive teachings on the “those with living” SDA who supposedly go with the 144,000 to the kingdom. In other words the teaching uses some selected Rod references , out of context, to show that there will be more than 144,000 sealed from “all” the tribes of Israel (the SDA church -Testimonies , vol. 9, p.164).

See our 7 part series dealing with the 144,000 teaching —

Adding to God’s Word is condemned in Scripture. The Word says 144,000 sealed from the church, no more  no less.

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.” (Rev. 22:18)

The Jamaicans came aboard from the straight Elijah message that Adair and the Salem leaders proclaimed. But apparently Adair had somewhere in the time he was in Salem adopted Bingham’s teaching of this “those with” doctrine. However, a fateful study would prove pivotal. Bro. Adair describes it —

“.. I went to New York to study with Salem believers about unnumbered saints who escape Ezek.9 slaughter “with” the 144,000 .. But Bro. Tony (Hibbert) contested this SRod study to what the SDA church teaches — only 144,000 saints saved from the entire world…His rejection of this truth caused a major split among Salem brethren, when he and all Jamaican Davidians rebelled against God’s headquarters.” (A Davidian Testimony, p.298)

NOTE: This statement is false. Bro. Hibbert contested Adair’s teaching that “more” than 144,000 would be sealed from the SDA church. Hibbert did not believe that the 144,000 is ALL that are saved from the world.

The issue of M.J. Bingham’s doctrine of “those with” now caused a serious divide
within Salem headquarters. Adair became combative about this uprising, he would not reconsider his teachings, under no circumstances. However, as stated already God is not mocked and when a “salvational” doctrine is mis-represented by ANYONE, especially when that one is at the head of His Storehouse/headquarters — it’s serious!

We as Rod believers should know that 144,000 Truth is paramount to our message .

“It has been said by some that it matters not whether one understands the subject of the 144,000 or not, so long as he does right.  This is certainly true if we DO RIGHT, but how do we know whether we do right or not, except we understand Bible doctrines? How can we know whether we keep the right Sabbath, or belong to the right church, unless we understand that doctrine?  Why is it important to understand Daniel 7, the beast and his image, and many other Bible prophecies?

If we do not understand the subject of the 144,000, we may not be sealed, for it would be worthless to understand it after the sealing, just as it would be of no value to understand the beast and his image after his work on earth is finished.” (SRod, vol. 1, p.14-15)

We as Rod believers MUST understand this 144,000 subject and cannot be led by false ideas-

“Some day this subject must be understood, for Inspiration makes no useless statements, and it cannot be in the Bible for a trinket.  It must be understood before the number (144,000) is made or it would be of no value.  When understood, it will guide the feet of the 144,000 in the straight path just as the first, second, and third angel’s messages have led thousands of souls to Christ.”(SRod, vol. 1, p.14) 

The Jamaican brethren had learned the message well and professed the unwavering stand upon His 144,000  Truth. They did not, as guided by the  Spirit of Truth, fall for man -made theories first employed upon the faithful 100% Rod only brethren back in 1962 by Bingham and now by Adair. Just as they were rejected by the 1961 group, the Mt. Dale group would do likewise. It was time to resume His eastward course and they knew it.


The Storehouse as we know, is where God’s “meat in due season” is stored. Because that meat had now been tainted with Salem’s leader attempting to add into the Golden Bowl, a doctrinal issue that was false and untrue, Mountain Dale New York would be the final leg eastward in the USA path, and onto the Kingdom.

Davidians re-grouped and began their work from there with new leaders such as Bro. Tony Hibbert, Bro. Norman Archer, Bro. Glenroy Matthews, Bro. Terry Harrison and other Jamaicans. Just as with the 1961 organization and the early Salem years, these believers would be “Golden Bowl only” pro-claimers.

Bro. Adair’s Salem group has stayed behind and held onto their additional teachings, even to this day. Additionally Salem for many years now, has not been active in sending out Tracts, TG’s, Charts, etc due to the fact that Adair believes the “fishing” period is over and now the “hunting” period is in effect.

“He stopped the fishing campaign in 1953 and “afterwards” he began the Hunting campaign!” (Salem report “Go By the Shepherd’s Rod”, July 28, 2013, p.18).

This Salem idea of quitting the fishing however, is proven incorrect because even AFTER VTH announced a new phase in the work “hunting” (1946, TG, vol. 1, no.9, p.5), Mt. Carmel still was also actively fishing as evidenced by 1954 Sym. Code, vol. 10, no.2, p.5.

“In Compton, California, Paul Philips, who is now a full-time ministerial student, then as a new believer wrote asking Mount Carmel’s opinion in his writing to all his relatives and the Seventh Adventist friends about importance of this movement. He showed his zeal and determination, as a young man who and just accepted the message, by sending in a second large list of Seventh-day Adventist names.”

“The Lord has been surely good to us during our stay here, and through His help we have been able to give the Message to hundreds of Adventists, and have distributed thousands of pieces of literature. The Shepherd’s Rod message is now confronting every S.D.A. in Trinidad, and little light-houses are now set up in different parts of the island.”(SC, vol.10, no.2, p.10)

In other words, the hunting task was/is an additional and integral part of bringing in the sheep. The fishing campaign did not end as Salem proposed. Praise the Lord it has not!  If it had, yours truly would not be here right now , proclaiming this wonderful message and writing these reports, for I came in through Mt. Dale’s “fishing” method — their 144,000 audio CD.

But make no mistake, the salvational misleading doctrinal error of the M.J. Bingham’s “those with living” teaching has gained a fair traction in the field largely by Adair’s continual proclaiming of it.  Further Adair labels those who don’t abide by their “those with living” teachings as “rebels” and they are lost (Salem report “Go By the Shepherd’s Rod”, July 28, 2013, p.6).

The Bashan organization, as well, is active in proclaiming it ever since Bingham first started promoting his theories. So we see that both Salem and Bashan were disqualified from being the Storehouse because of attempts to add and subtract to His Golden Bowl. The Mt. Dale brethren steadfastly held onto the 144,000 teaching as brought by the prophet.


“Minutes of the Religious and Business Meetings of the 1983 Historic Session, May 21 to May 28, 1983.

The long awaited meeting of the world field of Davidia, met its fulfillment, when most of the delegates and brethren from the different branches convened in Brooklyn, New York , to commence what was to be an historic occasion…. The Chairman proceeded to give his introductory remarks — stating to the effect, that the decisions that were yet to be made would have far reaching results. It was then that a most critical discussion was entered upon and continued through the whole day.

All were encouraged to express their views and thoughts on each vital issue. It was the general consensus that: 1) God’s work had long been languishing, 2) That the Salem association had betrayed its trust and 3) brought God’s work to its lowest ebb and had gone contrary to the dictates of the “Rod”.

Mountain Dale was now official and God’s final “east gate” location in the USA would commence its work. That fateful session brought, by election, the following officers —

Vice President —     Bro. Anthony Hibbert

Asst. to the V.P. —   Bro. Norman Archer

Secretary —             Bro. Peter Gibbs

Asst. Secretary —     Sis. Sharon DaCosta

Treasurer —             Bro. Lennox  Wilson

Asst. Treasurer —     Bro. Colin Harris

Member —             Sis. Jean Coleman

Link to that session —

Just as with that first DSDA association post K-blow, one of the first orders of business was to establish the Headquarters location, they reported at that time–

“By-Laws —

…Article I – Headquarters
Section 1 – Separation from Salem

a) The Executive Council  (See Article II, section 3), is to find and establish a world-wide headquarters to carry forward the work, as depicted by the Shepherd’s Rod, in all points, i.e, the distribution of literature, fellow-ship cards, the Davidic-Levitical Institute, etc. Furthermore the headquarters is to be established in any one of the eastern states (EV 394, 386)….

7. That God’s headquarters must be in the domain of the two-horned beast, USA, in the east, according to the river of Ezekiel 47. (SR 297)

Soon God’s headquarters location was found  —  in Mountain Dale, New York. Below is a picture of the grounds —

Image result for Errol Stanford picture Mountain Dale

At this point let us step back and note the truly wonderful and far sighted vision of our Lord. As pointed out the 144,000 doctrinal issue stood out as the primary reason for the Mt. Dale brethren to break with Salem. However, nearly as important, in hindsight, is the fact that God surely knew that the last and final step in that eastward course would require brethren who are advanced in the electronic age. Salem, which was dominated largely by Don Adair, well advanced in years, certainly had no strong online electronic leanings.

Thus Salem fell farther and farther back in the message being spread via today’s new advanced technology and Mt. Dale stepped up to get the online work done. Further Mt. Dale became active in making CD’s and DVD’s covering many topics of the message. Their Symbolic Code updates keeping the world-wide brethren updated in a timely manner.

So Mt. Dale , free to now move forward, set out to establish an online website which is one of the best today —

The next phase of God’s work began, the brethren went to work spreading the Rod message. Overseas missionary trips, USA cities covered, online tools used, CD’s DVD’s published and sent out, etc.  the message was no longer “languishing”.

Of particular note is their widely acclaimed helpful study outlines. Short written studies on many topics, with supporting Inspired references.


For the years 1983 to 1988 Mt. Dale went forward with the work unencumbered with much difficulties. Yes, there was the typical infighting and inner controversies that any organization experiences but largely things went forward until  a serious break in the ranks occurred in 1988-89.

Apparently some of the brethren became convinced that the true headquarters must be relocated back to Waco, Texas. Bro. Archer, Bro. Nosworthy, and others began to make their push toward relocating westward. As already discussed, just as in the case of Bro. Warden and his people back in early days of Salem, a westward course was made instead of an eastward course.

These brethren which were henceforth to be known as the Waco brethren, pulled out all the Rod references such as the one below —

1 SC 16:1: “We are happy to announce that the headquarters office of the sealing message moved from Waco to Mt. Carmel Center on September 29, to its new and permanent home location of the proclamation of the message of the ‘True Witness to the Laodiceans.’“

These and others were their Rod reference foundations employed to justify their idea of going east then circulating back west again. However, as mentioned we cannot escape the Lord’s true course, and settle with man’s. That course is EASTWARD. Ultimately landing in the Holy Land Kingdom for the final Loud Cry proclamation. Ezekiel 47 is not and cannot be a trinket. The course is clear.


In 1990 Waco sent out a “newsletter” to the field notifying that they would have their representatives appear at Mt. Dale’s 1990 session.

In the above letter we see that Waco wanted to make officially known that “.. God’s headquarters had been established as per ordained since 1988 and that this is the last headquarters  before the kingdom is established. This has been God’s headquarters since 1935 and still is the headquarters to the present.”

Obviously a split occurred, with some of the Mt. Dale brethren deciding to go along with this idea of God calling His headquarters back to Waco. The split had their leaders, Waco with Bro. Archer, Bro. Nosworthy, and Bro. McCallum among others and Mt. Dale with Bro. Hibbert, Bro. Matthews and Bro. Harrison among others.

In 1991 Waco sent out their first Symbolic Code newsletter.

Despite this split, Mt. Dale went forward with the work, the missionary trips, the USA work, etc. all went forward. Their numbers increased and many came into the group. Waco as well began their Rod message proclamation.

So what do we have here? Has God circled back to Waco? No brethren we cannot stand upon the more sure word of prophecy with this course.


Despite the mis-guided idea that God has relocated His Storehouse back to Waco, we as present truth believers, should not wholly write off Waco. No, in fact once we gather all the facts and understand the Lord’s purposes, we should clearly see that instead of Waco being “the Storehouse headquarters” which rightfully, as we have laid out, belongs to –Mountain Dale, New York, yet Waco IS A DIVISION OF MT.DALE.

Obviously was must stand on God’s word  and one cannot mis-interpret “premanent home location” which shows that God knew that Waco would have a presence permanently there in Waco, which has been fulfilled. Thus we see that the true headquarters is Mt. Dale (the east gate location), but with a branch division in Waco.  Thus TWO locations doing God’s work in proclaiming the final message of His Rod (Micah 6:9 and 7:14).

Long ago our Lord saw that the message would have more than one location publishing the message —

“In a large degree through our publishing houses is to be accomplished the work of that other angel who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens the earth with his glory.” (Testimonies, vol. 7, p.140)

“According to the light which God has given me, there will yet be a large company raised up in the east to consistently obey the truth.” (Testimonies, vol. 1, p.414)

There has been attempts to unify the two associations in the past. But they came to logger heads on this “headquarters” issue. However it is the sincere prayer of this author that BOTH of them read closely this report and see how God has not abandoned the flock and His Storehouse headquarters. BOTH of these fine hard working organizations are  doing His work in His vineyard, let them JOIN FORCES, so that the message will finally gather the elect, fit for the kingdom. 

“Whether superiors, inferiors, or equals, your work is to begin with your own heart. Humble yourself before God. Come into right connection with Him by yielding to the creating power of the Holy Spirit. Then will be seen in the church the unity that is of value in God’s sight. There will be sweet harmony, and all the building, fitly framed together, will grow up into an holy temple in the Lord.” (MS, p.64)



Following Our Storehouse History (Part 4 of 5)

16 Feb

Image result for God's storehouse picture

As we enter into part four, we shall now have to get deeper into the inner working of God’s true Storehouse. We are about to see some real maneuvering and adjustments that were necessary for the Storehouse to survive and prosper.

Briefly to recap, 1961 saw the Davidian S.D.A movement regroup and re-establish God’s Storehouse/headquarters in California. There was no other group of significance that formed from the Knock-out blow that held onto the Lord’s original Rod. Of course there was usurpers such as the Branch movement, and other small factions, but these were not made of some the 100% Rod only members, many of whom were indeed Brother Houteff’s personal representatives on Mt. Carmel during the camp’s time.

As mentioned there were two main leaders from the camp that led the 1961 movement –H.G. Warden and M.J. Bingham. Both had been on the executive council on Mt. Carmel. They were indeed very aware of the inner workings of Davidian government. Thus they brought with them this knowledge in forming the 1961 D.S.D.A  organization.

However it is important to note that those early years, particularly 1961 through 1969,were not without controversies and troubles for the Storehouse/headquarters. Members were not always on their best behavior, but let us always remember the Rod counsel –

“And since the Enemy cannot get around the Truth, he does all he can to blacken character and to pick flaws in personalities.  The prophet’s message nevertheless cannot be judged by the behaviour of its professors, for even the Apostles misconducted themselves before the ascension of Christ. 

The multitude, too, that followed Moses was anything by exemplary; in fact, in many instances they were disgraceful.  And the “holy men of God” who wrote the Scriptures were faulty men.   Even Moses himself was not faultless. Regardless, though, he was still Moses, and his was the only message and movement for the day.” (GCS, p.8-9)

Additionally we showed in part three that order and positions were important, such as elected VP, Secretary, Treasurer and four other council members. This composed the Davidian leadership as God had planned since the beginning with Brother Houteff. They were not about to forget this plan and throw up their hands and say “Well the camp is done, let’s all go home , send out the original Rod message and to each his own let God lead us separately” No way!


Unfortunately Satan is very active in this last message of the Lord, and we cannot expect him to stand idly by while God’s Storehouse is pushing forward! Distractions, inner squabbles, mis-behavior and all sorts of diversion is to be expected. On this Inspiration says —

“Moreover, the old Devil has already put all his forces to work, piping pleasing tunes to lure Truth seekers to climb aboard his golden bandwagon.   Its glittering tinsel of truth is already beguiling many with his wares while his captains and generals are to the top of their voices shouting their “Hallelujahs,” “Holy Ghost,” “gift of healing,” “gift of tongues,” “gift of miracles,” and all the rest, although the entire fanfare is devoid even of a spark of life. 

Every wind of doctrine will be blowing, false revivals and reformations will be at their peak.  Everything that can be done will be done to distort the Truth and thus distract and dishearten believers and draw their attention to something other than the message of Elijah.

   Thus will be the Devil’s deal while the day of God is approaching, and while Elijah is making the announcement of it as the scroll unrolls and while the prophecies concerning the day of God are being unsealed.   His work and his interpretation of the prophecies for the great day will identify him as the promised Elijah the prophet (“Testimonies to Ministers,” p. 475), and this will enrage the Devil as never before.

Nevertheless, one’s only safety will be in the teaching of Elijah, for there will be no other voice of timely Truth and authority to whom one may turn.  Any others will lead their victims blind-folded into perdition.” (GCS, p.7-8)

The divide started when Bingham went away for a trip overseas and contacted the association and told them , as editor, he wanted his new doctrine on the Bashan pasture published and sent to the vineyard. To this Warden and other association members  objected. This began the divide because of theological differences.

Soon after it appears that bro. Bingham made some moves that caused the brethren real consternation. One of those was his raid of the organization’s equipment in 1962. Apparently, Bingham had made up his mind and convinced himself that he was to branch out on his own (with his Bashan/Porter/Additions doctrine) and start his own headquarters, and thus he needed to “take back” the existing equipment without the proper channels of approval from the council as to who properly owned it. Apparently he thought that he rightfully owned it and therefore could take it by force.

Here is historical document describing this raid —

NOTE: We have spoken to brother Don Adair and he confirms his part in this. However, according to him, he was helping to get Bingham’s equipment out in order to cut ties with him for the association’s benefit. In other words Adair was not a supporter of Bingham’s ideas of new theology, he was simply trying to help get rid of Bingham. This explanation was accepted later by the association because they did not dis-fellowship Adair, rather they thought him worthy of a six month suspension.

This sadly was just a continuation of the problems brother Bingham had for quite a long time since his removal from Mt. Carmel for some impropriety in the 40’s. This  was while he was on the camp during Brother Houteff’s travels to his home town in Bulgaria.

We have posted many reports showing that Bingham was the originator of the false “those with living SDA” doctrine (primary witness being Sister Bonnie Smith) and he took that along with other new doctrines to his headquarters. Suffice to say that due to all of the private interpretations added by Bingham, this move was his and his alone, not in God’s plan for sure. The association remained there in California, while Bingham cut ties and later moved to Exeter Missouri establishing his Bashan headquarters.



“It has been evident for some time that it would soon be necessary to seek a more central location for the office in order to serve the whole field efficiently, so those at headquarters have been praying very earnestly over this matter for many months, and as they kept on praying for light, the Lord finally indicated definitely that beautiful Southern California was no longer to remain the center of His work for the “lost sheep of the house of Israel,” but an eastward course was to be seen in the stream from that “fountain” which is to swell Into the great river of Ezekiel’s prophecy, and plans were soon formulated whereby a thorough search could be made In the territory indicated by the Lord where the future headquarters were to be found.” (SC, vol.1, no.10, p.3)

This Inspired Word of God shows us powerful unforgettable counsels —

  1. California  was “definitely” no longer  the central location for His work
  2. An Eastward course was God’s true direction of His work (Per Ezek. 47)
  3. A Westward course would be in direct opposition to His Word.

Thus this important counsel was the reason for the move eastward from California. The association had in-depth studies in 1969 and decided it was time to make the move east. The question among them was where? After discussion they realized that there was only one place that VTH had authorized as an extension to old Mt. Carmel– the Salem rest home.

Adair in his book addresses this time and the reason eastward —

“..the Riverside Davidians realized from this Ezekiel’s River study in the Shepherd’s Rod book, that it was by the divine direction of the Lord in the Bible (Ezekiel 47) that Bro. Houteff had been led to move the Headquarters  of the Lord on an “eastward” course to Waco, Texas in the year 1935. And because they read where he stated that ” beautiful Southern California  was no longer to remain the center of His work,”  these Davidians knew that they also had to move eastward.

Now all of this about Ezekiel’s River in Ezekiel 47 the Davidians had reviewed in their studies in 1969 at their Headquarters in Riverside, California.” (A Davidian Testimony, p.248)

“Then said he unto me, These waters issue out towards the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea.” (Ezek. 47:8.)  It is remarkable to note how perfect these symbols are in each instance.  This direction of the compass denotes that the message of the “loud cry” is to start eastward when it is first revealed.  The church membership being largely east of California and across the Atlantic, naturally the message must start toward the east.  This symbolical prophecy reveals that the message of the “loud cry” is to originate in California. 

Thus fulfilling the prophetic words of the “Spirit of Prophecy” in a letter to Elder E. E. Andross: “I feel confident Elder Andross, that the brethren in Southern California will find a blessing in reviewing the teachings of the Scripture concerning the 144,000 and bringing to bear upon these teachings whatever light there may be in the published writings of the Spirit of Prophecy, and as prayerful consideration is given the matter in all its bearings, I believe that God will make the truth sufficiently clear to make possible the avoidance of needless and unprofitable questions not vital to the salvation of precious souls.”

   East being the Biblical direction of idolatry, it also signifies that the message is headed toward the conversion of sinners and destruction of idolatry.  “And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirits to pass out of the land.” (Zech. 13:2.) (SRod, vol. 2, p.296-297)


From 1961 the Storehouse existed in California, with bro. Warden largely at the helm. They kept up the work in the vineyard from there. Unfortunately we don’t have much information on the sessions or meetings that occurred during those years (although Adair most likely does have many of those reports). Brother Adair confirms that those 8-9 years were indeed the Storehouse /organizational headquarters for the majority of “100% Rod only” Davidians. Although those years we not without their difficulties and mishaps by the leaders.

No doubt many of the brethren knew of Bro. Warden’s close ties to Bro. Houteff and his rightful position as leader. The consensus was a move east was necessary.

Davidia was officially informed in the Symbolic Code news — Volume 9, no.3, July-Sept, 1970, from the Salem session.

New Headquarters

We are sure that all eyes in Davidia have been turned to Salem,S.C. since the announcement that the session would be held here. With this thought in mind and our sincere desire to acquaint everyone with developments, we wish to share some of our blessings with you.

All have been informed of the decision to accept the generous offer made by the group here for headquarters. In many different ways it was made clear that Providential events and circumstances pointed to a change which indicated leaving Vista, California….Our new home not only provides adequate space for the office and print shop but also living quarters.

And in addition to all the natural beauty and necessary space, we have our own beautiful little church, with the organ, piano, and wall to wall carpeting provided by the group here. The pulpit, chairs, and seats are the ones which were used in the old Mt. Carmel Chapel during the years Brother Houteff giving the “Elijah message.”

The hearts of the brethren were made glad as they viewed these simple furnishings and remembered the bygone days. We were all encouraged to learn that Brother Nations who pastored the flock here since the inception of the Shepherd’s Rod Message, had been told by Brother Houteff, that Mt. Carmel would one day move to Salem.”

This move was surely strengthened when a prior letter penned by Bro. Houteff  in 1949 was reviewed —

“If that particular home is to be entitled to support from funds here, then it seems that the best thing to do is to organize in the name of the General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, with headquarters on Mt. Carmel.” (Letter by VTH , Nov. 17, 1949 to Bro. Nation, A Davidian Testimony, p.249)

Thus the Salem home became the only extension property outside of Waco. Additionally Sister C.T. Smith  witnessed the following (as reported by Bro. Adair)–

“Bro. L. Nations was discussing the water shortage with bro. Houteff on Mt. Carmel and he asked why he did not move to Salem, So. Carolina where there is plenty of water. Bro. Houteff said:, “Not now, but one day Mt. Carmel will be at Salem.” Bro. Nations told Sis. C.T. Smith about this, at that time on Mt. Carmel, and upon his return  home to Salem, he related the same to his congregation. This incident was what prompted Bro. and Sis. C.T. Smith to move to Salem, So. Carolina.” (by Sis. C.T. Smith) (A Davidian Testimony, p.250)

From 1970 to early 1973 the de-facto Warden led Salem, South Carolina organization moved forward with the work. There was relatively smooth sailing during approximately 3 years at Salem. But in early 1973, Bro. Sump Smith (who was elected VP in the 1970 and 1972 sessions), and one of the original Salem home pioneers, told the council that instead of paying more money on the SRod publications it would be better to put it into the rest home. According to eye-witness Adair, Smith confessed to still believing in Florence Houteff’s idea of taking the message to the world.

Of course this did not go over well when word came back to the brethren in California. A diverse sort of issues soon developed, which is too lengthy to go into here now, but suffice to say that in 1973 brother Warden and other members decided to move back to California and “re-establish” the association headquarters there once again.

At this point there appeared a split among the Davidians. Adair and his people against Warden and his people. It is important now to really zoom in, not on what these men did, but the counsel from the Word in regards to His Storehouse movements.


Ezekiel’s prophecy of chapter 47 stand outs as the key Storehouse prophecy giving us direction. There is no doubt about it because this is what the Rod message said (highlighted above). Therefore we have no choice but to accept the course of Salem being God’s Storehouse/headquarters location during that time.

It appears that Bro. Warden and his people erred in their decision to  a) attempt to move the Storehouse/headquarters westward after being told to go eastward in 1969  b) disregard what the Lord had spoken to them already through His prophet (eastward lesson of Ezek. 47)  c) Go back to somewhere the prophet said was “definitely” no longer the headquarters location.

Do we think that Bro. Warden and those with him made an unpardonable sin? No, that is not for any of us to say. But Bro. Adair and his people were,  on this issue, firmly grounded upon the “more sure word” of prophecy.

So there became a division of the two factions. Bro. Warden and his people re-established in California, while Bro. Adair and his people continued on in Salem. However, some issues arose with the rest home property and Adair’s group had to move a few miles away to establish another property for the headquarters (still in Salem).

So at this time (1973)  God’s Salem Storehouse/headquarters went forward. Bro. Adair at the helm spreading the final message of Elijah. Bro. Warden and his group did the same from California. The California group made subsequent different moves after 1973, however these were man-made mistaken courses for God’s Storehouse /headquarters purpose. For more on this time period see Adair’s book “A Davidian Testimony”.

A very important missionary trip occurred in 1973. God, working through His Salem headquarters sent Bro. Adair down to the West Indies Islands, Trinidad, Barbados, San Lucia and Jamaica. Adair made much headway in bringing many new converts to the faith. He battled many of M.J. Bingham’s people, as Bingham had gone there before and made them Bashanites. But according to Adair , his work produced many converts from the Bashan doctrine. Unbeknownst to them at this time , this trip would be the seeds of God’s future advancement of His Storehouse/headquarters.

This concludes part four. Next post we’ll look at the next advancement of the Storehouse/Headquarters, which is extremely important as we conclude this series.   .


Following Our Storehouse History (Part 3 of 5)

3 Feb

Image result for God's storehouse picture

NOTE: Due to the amount of information needed to post we’ve made the series into 5 parts

As we enter our next post of this series, let us briefly review our last post points.

The Storehouse was moved to the proclaimers of the Rod message soon after 1930, and then formally the headquarters location/Storehouse was established in 1935 at the original Mt. Carmel site in Waco Texas. This official Storehouse lasted until the prophet’s death in 1955.

So we are now going to have to really zoom in. The understanding from here on will require we “dig deep” to know what movements took place and how, where and when God has kept alive His Storehouse even to this very day! As mentioned, we have been led to post this study due to its extreme importance. There is mass confusion out there among Davidians about this issue. The underlying purpose of this report is to show God HAS NEVER ABANDONED HIS FLOCK! It’s been hampered, yes, but not ignored, forgotten nor eliminated. The transfer has been there all along!

Unfortunately some teach that God has abandoned His flock and that each must be on his own thus to keep their tithes and do as they “think” God instructs them to. This is a trick! For review  let us show again what SOP says —

“I was shown that it is Satan’s special work to lead men to feel that it is God’s order for them to strike out for themselves and choose their own course independent of their brethren.” (TM p.29)

There has always been the Lord’s desire for harmonious workings of His people. This is proven by our Biblical history. Spirit of Prophecy brings this home —

“The Lord desires His chosen servants to learn how to unite in harmonious effort. It may seem to some that the contrast between their gifts and the gifts of a fellow-labourer is too great to allow them to unite in harmonious effort; but when they remember that there are varied minds to be reached, and that some will reject the truth as it is presented by one labourer, only to open their hearts to God’s truth as it is presented in a different manner by another labourer, they will hopefully endeavour to labour together in unity.

Their talents, however diverse, may all be under the control of the same Spirit. In every word and act, kindness and love will be revealed; and as each worker fills his appointed place faithfully, the prayer of Christ for the unity of His followers will be answered, and the world will know that these are His disciples.” (GW, p.483)

Thus our Lord remains steadfast, even now, that we work together however possible and that His Storehouse be known and His tithes returned there for advancement of His work -unitedly! This truth did not stop at the prophet’s death in 1955.


Ok let us now take up the rocky period after VTH’s death.

As many know the death sparked an upheaval to the message. Shock and bewilderment soon set in, because some had seen the prophet never dying and being translated as the original Elijah was. But the void was quickly filled by Florence Houteff, much to the chagrin of some of the faithful. As we know she proved a usurper and ultimately prophetically fulfilled the “knockout blow” in 1959.

According to brother Saether’s testimony in the Baylor archives, the tithes soon began to grow smaller due to the obvious confusion and misunderstanding of brother Houteff’s death. And once the knockout blow occurred in April 1959, they literally shrank to small levels, understandably. Florence saw the writing on the wall and began to dismantle the whole thing — property, message and whatever else she could destroy.

So that short approximately 7 year period after VTH’s death, really was a difficult time for the faithful. That is why the Rod message warned the flock to be ready for that blow (WHR p. 33).

“Unparalleled, therefore, is the urgency that every eleventh-hour church member now quickly and solidly brace himself against the Enemy’s effort to deliver a knockout blow.  We must be alert, too, to realize that the blow is to come from surprisingly unsuspected foes — from professed friends of the gospel, who are no less pious than were priests in Christ’s day.”

We could liken it to the type, when Jesus died and the flock really was confused,disorganized and bewildered for a short while. Obviously the Storehouse/organization was in a state of flux. The transition period was short but difficult, so too those first few years with the Rod Storehouse/headquarters confusion.

But God did not forsake His people. The two messengers He used predominantly were brother Warden and brother Bingham. Although after awhile unfortunately Bingham proved himself an adder/subtractor to the message. It was brother Warden who seemed God’s steady instrument to firm up the ship and get it back on track.

It was during this K-blow period that the first usurper, Benjamin Roden, came on the scene and began to appoint himself the successor Elijah, the “true” one who would never die. He succeeded in pulling away a small portion of the flock and thus the tithes.


But in late 1961 the brethren, led by brother Warden sent out their first Symbolic code (Aug-Dec, 1961, vol. 1 no.1) to the flock scattered around the Lord’s vineyard. Their location was on Norwood Ave., Arlington, California. In it was the Association’s fateful announcement made to all the Lord’s present truth people in the field.

“Again it is our joy to salute you, our faithful Davidian brethren, as we all now return to our heaven appointed task in Laodicea ( the S.D.A Church), of gathering the 144,000 first fruits. Scattered throughout the Denomination, which is God’s appointed place for them in His great vineyard, they are waiting for the angel of Ezekiel nine to place the mark upon their foreheads — the mark each of us must have to stand on Mt. Zion with the Lamb.

When we say “return” to our task, we use the word in accommodation. The facts are that, in reality, 100%-ROD believers never turned from that work at any time, and that now we shoulder it with new vision, new zeal, and new vigor in the certain prophetic knowledge that the Lord has given us no other work but to go only “to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matt. 10:6), and in the certain promise of success:

“..smite the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered; and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones.” (Zech. 13:7)

…The success of the Association depends on how each one of us does his duty. If we do our whole duty, the work will succeed.

…Friday evening, July 28, 1961, 7:30 o’clock, brought to fruition the dream and hope and faith and struggle of 100%-ROD-only Davidian Seventhday Adventists, as delegates to the first International Session, along with believers from various
places, assembled in the Church of the Resurrection in Los Angeles, California, for the first service of the Session.

…Sunday morning, July 30, found the delegates assembled, first for worship, and then for work in the first business meeting of the Session, with Brother Allan A. Allen as chairman, and Brother Reuben Rolle as secretary. As soon as preliminaries were over and the standing orders were adopted, the several requests for time to present various views to the Session, came up for consideration.

…Early on the agenda came the concern as to the location of headquarters. This proved to be the most difficult problem of the Session. Some were of the opinion that it must, in view of one or two statements in the ROD, be the Lord’s will that we somehow gain control of old Mt. Carmel, that we might carry on and finish the work from there.

A study from the Bible and the ROD was presented to us by Brother Bingham, proving conclusively that there are three places of spiritual pasture where God’s people are to feed (see 2SRod 243:2). The study went on to show that since the Carmel of the ROD (old Mt. Carmel) is no more, and since Gilead is the Kingdom (see Jer. 51:8 and Jer. 46:11.12), we are therefore now in the Bashan period and must, accordingly, get our meat in due season from the ROD in BASHAN . (This entire study will be published as soon as possible.)

The delegates unanimously concurred that the evidence is conclusive that the Carmel period is past and that therefore we are not to try Or even to hope or to want to return to Carmel. During the extended discussions of the matter, a num- ber of prospective sites were considered, but were found in one way or another to fall short of meeting our needs. It was therefore decided to establish temporary headquarters in Arlington, California, and, to ask the Executive Council to appoint a location committee to work on this problem.

…The Executive Council was charged with the responsibility of publishing the Fundamental Beliefs of the Association, as soon as it is found possible to do so.

Also, the Council was charged with the responsibility of re-establishing the Davidic-Levitical Institute for the training of workers, as soon as facilities are available.

…As The Symbolic Code is “the official organ of the Association” (The Leviticus. p. 7), the delegates gave careful study to its future, finally voting to retain its present size and format. 

…Election of officers to serve the Association for the next four years was held though the afternoon and evening of the fifth day of the business meetings. Those elected were H.G. Warden (vice president), Mrs. Ruby V. Haylock (Executive Secretary), Mrs. Jemmy E. Bingham (Treasurer), Charles H. Haylock, Allan A. Allen, W.H. Green, and W.J. Matthews, as regular council members, with Arthur H. Harris (Australia), Paul S. Bateman, and Mrs. Lelia Rolle as alternate members.

…In order to provide monies with which to defray the expenses of the next Session, it was voted (1) to build up a session-expense fund by diverting to it 5% of the first tithe and unspecified offerings from the United States, 4% from Canada and England, 3% from Australla, and 1% from the Islands and other countries; and (2) to adjust percentages for all countries in accordance with their changing economic status. (Some have already designated offerings for this fund.) 

…Since the Association is the people, with each one thus responsible to God for its success, the Session unanimously voted that the treasury department is to render a financial report once each year to all supporters of the Association.

…The Session extended a vote of thanks to Brother and Sister Bingham for their untiring efforts in working to bring about Constitutional Association/ and to Sisters Warden and Green for so ably taking care of the culinary department during the Session. And no Iess is their appreciation of the pre-session efforts of Brother and Sister W.H. Green and of Sister Vera Prestwood, and of the thorough and excellent work which Brother and Sister Charles H. Haylock did on the Agenda. 

…Are you here as “carpenters,” on fire to build up? Or as “horns,” on fire to tear down? Are you here on fire for peace or for war? On fire to hear the Spirit of God, to accept what He has, and to put over His program? Or to have the Session hear you, accept your ideas and theories, and to put over your program?

Are you come to this Session, on fire to vote principles of Truth and Righteousness, or prejudices, peeves, and preferences? To vote for God’s friends–for Truth’s supporters and defenders? Or for your own friends–for your supporters and defenders?”

Ah, what a treasure trove of truth nuggets in our historical Storehouse understanding! Let us carefully breakdown this fateful announcement. First, as mentioned God did not forsake the flock, thus to those who truly believe this, we must take note of the structure and methods employed in the first official Storehouse post knockout blow.

It appears that due to the obvious “poor fishermen” financial condition of His remnant, the brethren were made to have no building structure for the association at that time. The Norwood address, if we are not mistaken, was a private home. But, they nevertheless knew that in order to properly construct the Storehouse/organization, it must be in accordance to the Levitical guidelines (Tract), and the example given them by the prophet as to organization, structure, etc. —  as much as possible. In fact at the end of the Code they show the importance of locating a building organization —

1. Remember the hour of united prayer (morning, noon, and evening, daily, and at 5:00 P. M. Fridays), t ha t every Association supporter make full and abiding surrender to the Holy Spirit, and faithfuliy study, pray, and seek-­

(a) To discover and employ every honorable
means of getting names and addresses;
(b) To raise the needed money for the purchase of a printing press;
(c) To find and secure the place God has
for headquarters;
(d) To meet the ever-increasing calls for
food and clothes for the needy.

2. Remember to send all communications, other than remittances, to The Davidian Seventhday Adventist Association, 5654 Norwood Avenue, Arlington, California. Continue to send remittances to The Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association, 1437 North Carmelita Avenue, until November 10, 1961. After that, send them to 5654 Norwood Avenue, Arlington, California.
Applications for Certificates of Fellowship in The Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association wlll be sent to 100%-ROD-oniy Davidians upon requests to the Association’s Office in Arlington.

They chose to have their first session at a local church building in Los Angeles, Calif. So let us look at the Storehouse structure as in this first headquarters after the K-blow.

  1. They used the official publishing organ , the Symbolic Code, for important field notices and reports.
  2. They realized that unity was a must and that each had their duty to perform.
  3. They knew sessions were important.
  4. They knew that although they temporarily had no official headquarters location, they needed one to be in compliant with the Rod Levitical structure “Constitutional Association” and Mt. Carmel’s example. They took this task seriously as evidenced in that first code and began to search it out.
  5. Publishing the message was an important task.
  6. Training workers via the Davidic-Levitical Institute was also important.
  7. They elected their representatives by vote. They had an executive council of VP, Secretary, Treasurer and four council members (7)
  8. H.G. Warden was elected Vice-President. 
  9. They were  authorized to collect tithes, believing wholeheartedly that they were led of God and was God’s continuation of His Storehouse/Headquarters for the advancement of the SRod work. 
  10. There were other areas they touched on, such as a committee to handle grievances,  but we highlighted the main important points for our study.

Link to that code —

Brother Don Adair explains more during that time —

“ 1961 while Sis. Houteff was dissolving (new) Mt. Carmel Center, which began the fulfillment of Elijah’s prediction of the “knockout blow” that Bro. Adair and other Davidians, who were tithe payers and members of Mt. Carmel, and who had cards signed by Bro. Houteff and Sis. Houteff, had a right to call for a session in Calif. They reorganized Mt. Carmel, and elected new Council members before (new) Mt.Carmel was officially shut down in 1962.”( “Go BY The Shepherd’s Rod” report, July 28, 2013, p.4)

These faithful “100% Rod Only” members knew very well that God had NOT abandoned the flock, he also astutely stated in the same report on page four —

“..the Davidians who re-organized Mt. Carmel in 1961 knew they had suffered a “knockout blow” and that Sis. Houteff and her Council were the “professed friends” who instigated that blow. Also they knew Jesus had the “reins in His own hands” to control the work, but some false Davidians could say He lost His reins when Elijah died. If so, they  would be like the unfaithful people of Israel:

“Israel’s real danger, we now see, was not in what Moses did, but in their unbelief of God’s having the reins in His hands..” (TG,vol.1,no.7,p.6)

This concludes part 3, and we will continue with part 4 soon.

Following Our Storehouse History (Part 2 of 5)

26 Jan

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Continuing our series on the Storehouse history, we begin part two. As we learned in our first part, the beginning history of our Christian movement, had a brethren unity. They came together and collected Tithes and used them for the benefit of all.

Then after the wilderness period our King brought us back as a people. The Seventh-day Adventist church rose up and became the Storehouse/organization which the Lord wanted His Tithes brought to.

But in 1930, we as present truth believers know that a new and final message came to us–the Lord’s Elijah message. Yet even in those beginning years the Storehouse remained the S.D.A church. The message said this in the first volume of SRod —

“In case some one’s name should be taken off the church books for carrying on the message, do not be discouraged in any way but press onward as though nothing has happened.  Pay your honest tithe and offering to your church, and feel like “IT IS” your Father’s house.  Continue your work of reform with as many as you can possibly interest.” (Srod, vol. 1, p.251)


But as the first few years passed it became evident that the message was not accepted by the leadership and even worse–fought bitterly against. This was dealt with in the following Symbolic Code —

“The instruction in the SRod, Vol. 1, p. 251, regarding tithe, proves that we have payed our honest part all the way. It says that the tithe should be paid to the old S.D.A organization. But now since the leading part of the denomination has rejected the sealing message of the 144,000 and is passing on to the people a pseudo refutation of its subject matter to justify their actions, doing all they can to prevent the people from coming in contact with the message, the action of the SRod in calling not only for the tithe but also for the offerings to be brought in for the support of the message of present truth is Divinely approved and justified, for present truth has always constituted God’s “storehouse.” (SC, vol. 1, no.5, p.9)

 “Let only those who do not have the light on the sealing message support the message of the judgment of the dead which is passing away as the setting sun, then we will not deprive either the one or the other. Moreover, what success do you suppose we can hope to have in bringing the sealing message to the church if we support those who are rising against us like the waves of the sea?

No, Brother J., if we continue paying our tithe to them, we will not only be weakening our power against the enemy, but also our position in relation to the message we bear, for then they will say to us, “If you have a message for us, you will put your gifts toward the advancement of your message and not toward ours.”

Hence, by supporting the church and its warfare against the message we bear, we will instead of winning the confidence of the brethren to what we believe, not only be driving them away, but also strengthening the forces of the enemy and weakening ours, for you cannot fight your adversaries by lending them your weapons to stand strong against you.” (SC, vol. 2, no.5-6. p. 9)

“The instructions in The Shepherd’s Rod, Vol. 1, p. 251, “Pay your honest tithe and offering to your church, and feel that ‘IT IS’ your Father’s house,” came near the close of 1930, before the leading brethren, as a denomination, had rejected the sealing message.  Clearly, then, The Shepherd’s Rod has faithfully discharged its duty in refusing to accept any tithes or offerings until after the books were scattered throughout the denomination,  and after the brethren began bitterly to oppose the message.

Now, though, since the opposition is no longer passive, but intensely active, and the proclamation of the message supremely urgent, the only course open is apparent.  It will take an army of workers, including the tithes and offerings, to reach the people.”(Tract 4, p.66)

Thus it was changed officially from the S.D.A church to the Davidian movement. Present truth and its unified proclaimers were now to be the recipients. In the Symbolic Code, volume 1, no.10, the first report came excitedly telling of the new organizational headquarters.

“To build the “fort,” to cast the “mount,” to set the “camp,” and the “battering rams” will require a fearless band of Gideonites who will not bow down to their knees for a drink. (Jud. 7:2-7.) God’s ancient people, while building the tabernacle, the two temples, and in the days of the apostles, responded to their call very faithfully.

But shall we now in the end of this world, while making history that will stand for eternity, draw back or do less? God has bestowed upon us greater blessings than He has upon any other people at any time. Shall we therefore by our deeds fail to show to Him that we appreciate His great gift as much as they? Let every reader of the Code answer this question to himself,

   In order to fulfill the call we must build the “fort,” cast the amount,” set the “camp,” and  the “battering rams against it round about — “This shall be a sign to the house of Israel.” (Ezek. 4:3.) Hence, the first question to be asked is, Where shall we build? The answer comes from Him Who “is taking the reins in His own hands” (Testimonies to Ministers, 300): “In that day shall Israel be…even a blessing in the midst of the land.” (Isa. 19:24.)

   As no one puts a light in a corner but rather in the center of the room, so the wise “husbandman” built “a tower in the midst of” His “vineyard.” We are living in that prophetic time when men were to run to and fro” (Dan. 12:4), and in which “a short work will the Lord make.” (Rom. 9:28.)

   Consequently, the Lone Star state, being in the midst of the land for both Americas, North and South, is the place where we must set the “camp,” so that the light may be equally diffused east and west, north and south. Moreover, the “camp” from where the “battering rams” are to be sent, naturally must be centrally located so that the distance between the “rams” and the “camp” may be cut down to one half, thus reducing the time and the cost for transportation and supplies as well as for mailing. We thank God for such a wise plan as this.

   Therefore, He has given us one of His beautiful lakeside hills adjacent to Waco, Texas, a city of about 60,000, yet far enough from it to be away from the world and its evil environment — about 5 miles from the center of the city, and about 2 1/2 miles from the city limits. There lies 189 acres of land for our “camp.” (SC, vol. 1, no. 10, p.1)

Now the remnant people of God were told clearly where and what was the new storehouse and headquarters.

“Knowing full well as we do that the security and sovereign existence of any government depend primarily, not on human and military power, but upon Divine sufferance and protection, we are consequently still the more compelled to render implicit obedience to Heaven’s principles governing our duty to our land.

This high compulsion rests with even more compelling force upon us who have been placed here in Providentially free America, because of the happy fact that for these last momentous hours of time He has placed the headquarters of the church here where she is to enjoy unprecedented religious liberty, to function freely, and to discharge without obstruction her Divinely appointed duty world-wide.” (MS, p.7-8)

Indeed, the message went forth from there until the prophet breathed his final breath. But God in His infinite wisdom gave us certain clear unmistakable injunctions that deal with Tithes. We shall deal with them now.

Let us make no mistake, God knows all about the Storehouse situation, from the past to today. Therefore we should never think He has abandoned us, left us out of the loop as to the right course to take to return His Tithes–NO, God forbid the thought!

Sadly there are some who teach that God has nearly abandoned us and left us to meander around guessing and kind of just shooting from the hip, in giving who, what and where we think we ought to. But the fact of the matter is, that HE HAS given us a road map to know His depository  for His Tithes today.

Ok, let’s look at the powerful and clear counsel He has given us through His Rod message.

1) No one ( we are not saying no Constitutional DSDA organization) has the right to make his own home, apartment, flat, studio, mansion, or wherever else he lives  –The Storehouse AND collect/keep the Lord’s Tithes to use at his own discretion.

It’s important to make the above clarification (personal home versus Constitutional DSDA org. using a temporary home address) because we will soon find out , it became necessary during the early days after the K-blow for survival of the DSDA from a members home. This eventually was straightened out later, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

ProofAnswerer, vol. 4, Question 97

Note: It has been alleged by some  that Q-97 gives proof that one can have their own home the storehouse and collect tithes, when it says no such thing. They base this on the reasoning that the some early post K-blow storehouse locations were private homes. Completely twisting the whole intent of Q-97.

The whole point of Q-97 is not mainly talking of property structure as it is about those who falsely strike out on their own collecting tithes and seriously handicapping the Lord’s work, bleeding and subverting His treasury, and thus disorganizing His work and reducing the church to a mere shell, while her members are hiring themselves as laborers in the Lord’s vineyard, helping themselves to the Lord’s money, and running without having been sent! What a Babylon that would be!”

However,  if we want to help out a cause in furtherance of His kingdom, we should pay for it through our offerings NOT tithes. These MUST return to His storehouse.

2) If we disagree with how the true Storehouse of God is working, we are not to abandon it, rather know that if God Himself allows it, then all we can do is let the authorities know our complaint and the rest is out of our hands. We have done our duty , now if they continue to make errors as we see it–it’s on them and God will deal with the responsible parties.

ProofAnswerer , vol. 4, Question 98

3) If we are doing much work for the Lord, sending out Tracts, and other literature, despite this great work we are NOT to solicit money for our cause. Those who do this are in direct violation of God’s following command.

ProofThe message invests no one with authority to solicit financial help to carry on either their work or that of The Shepherd’s Rod.” (SC, vol. 8, no.1-12, p.23)

With the above clear instructions , after reading them closely, we cannot fail to know what God requires of us on these points. Only those who have an agenda contrary to the direct counsel, will ignore , twist, or try to eliminate these injunctions.

Sadly that agenda is to take control of their own course by keeping the Lord’s Tithes and dispensing them where and when they feel like it. But often “feeding themselves” in  the guise that the Lord really didn’t mean what He said above. Repetition of Saul, Korah, and the other examples of non-obedience.

“Angels keep a faithful record of every man’s work, and as judgment passes upon the house of God, the sentence of each is recorded by his name, and the angel is commissioned to spare not the unfaithful servants, but to cut them down at the time of slaughter.” (Testimonies, vol. 1, p.198) 

Ok , now that we have some basics on Tithes commands. Let’s look at our second and no less important point. That is structure. How did our Davidian model, brother Houteff’s organization operate as the headquarters? Let’s look at that.

The foremost book in this regard is — The Leviticus Tract. There was clear organization structure shown.


   “God is a God of order.  Everything connected with heaven is in perfect order; subjection and thorough discipline mark the movements of the angelic host.  Success can only attend order and harmonious action.  God requires order and system in His work now no less than in the days of Israel.  All who are working for Him are to labor intelligently, not in a careless, haphazard manner.  He would have His work done with faith and exactness, that He may place the seal of His approval upon it.” — Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 376. (Leviticus, p. 21)

Thus this Tract lays out our Davidian order, our model, our example. 

We will briefly touch on the structure. First there is no president today, as we know, because that was the role of the prophet brother Houteff (see page 6). Next, we see that “the vice president shall assist the president in administering the affairs of the Association.”(page 6). Thus with the prophet temporarily gone, the VP is now in charge.

There is to be a secretary who keeps proceedings of all the meetings. Also a treasurer who collects all funds and pays the bills, distributing money as needed (page 7). 

It appears that there was a total of 7 members on the Executive council including the above positions. (See FB, p.16) (Later evidenced by meeting minutes Feb. 6, 1955)

Sessions are to be held “at such time and place as the Executive Council shall designate by notice in the Symbolic Code..”(page 7). By-laws can be made as long as they do not go against the Constitution, these can be amended, repealed, etc “by such a representation and vote as is exampled in the Acts of the Apostles, pages 195 and 196.” (page 8)

We should note that voting is acceptable form of leadership as AA page 195-196 shows. But that was voting from within the Council, not from the general field membership. By-law details are explained on page 9 and 10.

The balance of the Tract explains the purposes of the organization. It is noted the following —

“Only as they were united with Christ, could the disciples hope to have the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit, and the co-operation of angels of heaven.  With the help of these divine agencies, they would present before the world a united front, and would be victorious in the conflict they were compelled to wage unceasingly against the powers of darkness.

As they should continue to labor unitedly, heavenly messengers would go before them, opening the way; hearts would be prepared for the reception of truth, and many would be won to Christ.  So long as they remained united, the church would go forth, ‘fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.’ (Page 24)

Through out the Rod message and again in the Leviticus Tract we see unity as a MAJOR element in the Davidian movement.  United Davidian organization is the theme behind the Lord’s Leviticus Tract. Note the following final words of this Tract.

The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished; but chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government.” –– 2 Peter 2:9, 10.

   “Let all things be done decently and in order.”–1 Cor. 14:40. (page 102)

One quick note before we close the report and that is we all should know that even our own home can be a storehouse of present truth. For example, we have at our residence an office complete with  Tracts, TG’s, small 8 x 11 charts, CD’s, DVD’s, and other literature of the Rod message. We send them out as the “leaves of Autumn”  as the message tells us. We do not charge for these, we even pay the postage. However, we cannot cross the line and collect or solicit Tithes or donations, nor can we keep them and use them for our own ideas and purposes. God’s Storehouse has not disintegrated  into small atoms here and there as some foolishly teach.

Note: By way of disclosure there has been times where some have sent in their donations for our work, and we do not turn them away. However we do make sure they know we do not consider ourselves as a Tithe receiving Storehouse. We explain that as the Rod message shows, we cannot consider our house a Storehouse as we have no executive council, no sessions, no official DSDA structure per Leviticus Tract.

This brethren is the whole purpose of these reports, to help show from the Rod our correct actions in regards to paying our Tithes and not falling for deceptive teachings telling us to keep them and just do your own thing, however sincere we may be. 

Summary of part two —

The Storehouse was indeed transferred to the Rod movement from the S.D.A, which later organized at Mt. Carmel and gave us the example of the DSDA Storehouse/Tithe structure (Executive Council). Serious warnings were given by the Lord of what not to do in returning Tithes. With these building blocks and this clear and unambitious counsel we shall follow the Storehouse movement after the great “knockout blow” prophesied and delivered by Florence Houteff and her crony council, in part three. This is where the “rubber meets the road” as they say, we need to zero in on our past history and see how God did not forsake the flock, and provided a clear road map to follow.


Following Our Storehouse History (Part 1 of 5)

13 Jan

Image result for God's storehouse picture

Let’s face it, today we are often confused as to “where is God’s true storehouse?”. Being in the Lord’s vineyard work several years now, we have had that asked us many times, and especially recently.

There are winds of doctrine on this issue flying all over the place! One brother says,  “It’s Waco, they are the true original location and  therefore the true storehouse”. Another, “There is no true storehouse today, due to the abominations in all of them.” Still another, “Your house can be the true storehouse as long as you publish the original Rod message.” And a myriad of other ideas floated about.

But has God really left us in the dark? Are we really sure about this issue or are we left with–to each his own, do what you think is best and you’ll be fine? In this series we would like to examine our history on this issue and delve deeply into it , in order to better understand  it and hopefully come to a clearer understanding of this VERY important subject.


We shall start out with our roots, the first Christian era. SOP starts us off with enlightening words —

“It was at the ordination of the Twelve that the first step was taken in the organization of the church that after Christ’s departure was to carry on His work on the earth. Of this ordination the record says, “He goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto Him whom He would: and they came unto Him. And He ordained twelve, that they should be with Him, and that He might send them forth to preach.”(AA, p.16)

The word says that Christ formed the Apostle group for the organization of the church” Thus we see that the embryo of the divine work was to be an organized church work.

“.. in the days of the apostles He wrought mightily for His church through the agency of the Holy Spirit. The same power that sustained the patriarchs, that gave Caleb and Joshua faith and courage, and that made the work of the apostolic church effective God is still using His church to make known His purpose in the earth.” (AA, p.53)

Once again we see emphasis on the organizational church as God’s vehicle of purpose. The Scriptures also show church structure —

So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said,”It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables.Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism. They presented these men to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them. So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.” (Acts 6:2-6)

Design, planning and structure was indeed the work of the early church, and success was the result. We do not see any single atoms (individual work) being apart from the structure–the organizational church body. Sure there may have been some individuals branching out with the message, but that was not God’s intent for ALL the body, or even the majority of His people. Money was consolidated as well, no doubt the Tithes included —

“The record declares, “Neither was there any among them that lacked,” and it tells how the need was filled. Those among the believers who had money and possessions cheerfully sacrificed them to meet the emergency. Selling their houses or their lands, they brought the money and laid it at the apostles’ feet, “and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” (AA, p. 70)

“The Jewish church, in which reposed the truth up to the time of Christ, was ever to be “the storehouse,” and the priests were ever to be its stewards.  But when they rejected Christ, they forced God to transfer His “storehouse” to the little handful who did accept the added message for that day.  The unbelieving thereby unwittingly forfeited their stewardship.

Their followers who paid tithes to them from then on were diverting the Lord’s money from His treasury to His enemies, to persecute His people.  But those who were God’s true people, followed “the Lamb whithersoever” He went, and “as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, and laid them down at the apostle’s feet.” Acts 4:34, 35. (Tract 4, p.63-64)

The idea was that the organized structure of leadership (church) was to handle the money as they were guided by the Lord.  Not to hunker down in their respective homes and do as they think is right with the Lord’s money.


Our next time line brings us to the great prophesied “in the wilderness”, the 1260 days (years). From history we know that this period was a time when —

   “The two Witnesses,” says the Spirit of Prophecy, “represent the Scriptures of the Old and the  New Testament…. They continued their testimony throughout the entire period of 1260 years…. The period when the two Witnesses were to prophesy clothed in  sackcloth, ended in 1798…. “(Tract 2, p.47-48)

So we can gather that indeed it was a quiet sackcloth time where the storehouse and organized church –fled into the wilderness. Thus we have no historical accounts of the storehouse working onward during that time. It appears this was a time of survival instead of much growth.


Just prior to the S.D.A formation we know that William Miller and the “First day Adventists”, were given a brief work to do from the Lord. By just as in the sackcloth period we don’t have much light on the storehouse work at that time except that their structure was not generally a cohesive organization structure , but that was to soon change with the prophetess Ellen White coming onto the scene in 1844.

But now the Lord was to get it all back into organization, let  us read —

“It is nearly forty years since organization was introduced among us as a people.[* WRITTEN IN 1901.] I was one of the number who had an experience in establishing it from the first. I know the difficulties that had to be met, the evils which it was designed to correct, and I have watched its influence in connection with the growth of the cause. At an early stage in the work, God gave us special light upon this point, and this light, together with the lessons that experience has taught us, should be carefully considered.

From the first our work was aggressive. Our numbers were few, and mostly from the poorer class. Our views were almost unknown to the world. We had no houses of worship, but few publications, and very limited facilities for carrying forward our work. The sheep were scattered in the highways and byways, in cities, in towns, in forests. The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus was our message….TM-24

Our numbers gradually increased. The seed that was sown was watered of God, and He gave the increase. At first we assembled for worship, and presented the truth to those who would come to hear, in private houses, in large kitchens, in barns, in groves, and in schoolhouses; but it was not long before we were able to build humble houses of worship.” TM-26

“The Introduction of Church Order”

As our numbers increased, it was evident that without some form of organization there would be great confusion, and the work would not be carried forward successfully. To provide for the support of the ministry, for carrying the work in new fields, for protecting both the churches and the ministry from unworthy members, for holding church property, for the publication of the truth through the press, and for many other objects, organization was indispensable.

Yet there was strong feeling against it among our people. The first-day Adventists[* SEE APPENDIX.] were opposed to organization, and most of the Seventh-day Adventists entertained the same ideas. We sought the Lord with earnest prayer that we might understand His will, and light was given by His Spirit that there must be order and thorough discipline in the church–that organization was essential. System and order are manifest in all the works of God throughout the universe. Order is the law of heaven, and it should be the law of God’s people on the earth.

We had a hard struggle in establishing organization. Notwithstanding that the Lord gave testimony after testimony upon this point, the opposition was strong, and it had to be met again and again. But we knew that the Lord God of Israel was leading us, and guiding by His providence. We engaged in the work of organization, and marked prosperity attended this advance movement.” TM-26-27

Undeniably, our S.D.A church was indeed led of the Lord to organize and thus prosper. These words cement the issue so very clear in our minds. Structure, harmony, unity among the brethren, was our very core, our foundational church purpose. Notice in particular the words highlighted in red. These points are so powerful in the whole lesson of God’s storehouse structure, it is not “a man here and a man there” and scattered all over, answering to no one except God, so they think.

Ok this point should be clear. However the Lord also shows the opposite position of those who not only tear down the structure work of God, but teach foolishly that all can do as they do, strike out alone and stay away from organized church structure, let us read —

“Satan well knows that success can only attend order and harmonious action. He well knows that everything connected with heaven is in perfect order, that subjection and perfect discipline mark the movements of the angelic host. It is his studied effort to lead professed Christians just as far from heaven’s arrangement as he can; therefore he deceives even the professed people of God and makes them believe that order and discipline are enemies to spirituality, that the only safety for them is to let each pursue his own course, and to remain especially distinct from bodies of Christians who are united and are laboring to establish discipline and harmony of action.

All the efforts made to establish order are considered dangerous, a restriction of rightful liberty, and hence are feared as popery. These devoted souls consider it a virtue to boast of their freedom to think and act independently. They will not take any man’s say-so. They are amenable to no man. I was shown that it is Satan’s special work to lead men to feel that it is God’s order for them to strike out for themselves and choose their own course independent of their brethren.” TM-29

This is why God sent us messages from His prophets. They speak HIS WORDS to warn, instruct and show us the way! But as we just read Satan knows this all too well and can snare those presumptuous ones among us who hear his voice, thinking they are special and can indeed break away and teach others to also become a one man show.  “You do not need to organize, or be associated with any organization structure, just be yourself with God’s true message, pocket His tithes, do your own thing, why God loves you!” they proclaim from their videos,websites, blog, and Facebook. Satan cares not who he fools, but through GOD’S WORD we are secure.

We as present truth believers know well that the “present truth” message went from EGW’s message to Victor Houteff’s Shepherd’s Rod message in 1930. And this has been our message of the hour ever since. Next post we will begin to look at the next phase of God’s storehouse movements.