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“The Present Truth–Purification of the 11th Hour Church” Part 1 of 2

14 Oct

We as present truth believers, those of us who stick to the plain clear writings of the Rod, truly know we have a very troubling man who has promoted a very deceptive message among us. Sadly, not a few have been hoodwinked by this trickery.

Once again our supposed friend of the Gospel, brother Lennox Sam, has been brought to our attention. Recently we had a chance to address a concern on Facebook. A brother in the message asked us where we could find some of Sam’s beliefs. Naturally we pointed him to his home page of the “GADSDA.Com”.

To be frankly forthright, Lennox Sam has done some good things for the message, namely the exposing of the “new codes”. His reports on this subject really did bring much truth to the surface. Such that today the idea that the new codes are inspired is deteriorating among many present truth believers.

But he did not stop there, unfortunately his desire for more and more truth led him to be where he is today–teaching private interpretations as we’ll point out in this post. While it is not wrong to keep wanting to learn, a line is crossed when one chooses to ignore what the Lord plainly says through His prophets, for one’s own interpretive ideas.

Sam , of all people should know he is inserting his own pipe into the Golden Bowl, making prophetic predictions,  a disastrous action that will lead what the Word says–perdition.

Upon reviewing his site again we noticed supplemental belief number 7, it reads as follows —


“That the purification of the Seventh-day Adventists Denomination, the first fruits of the harvest, is in two sections, the first purification will be in the Eleventh-hour Church by the six men of Ezekiel chapter nine, in which there is an intervening time between the sealing and the slaughter, the second is in the Ninth-hour Church by the five men of Ezekiel chapter nine, while the man with the inkhorn marks; in the general destruction of the wicked, in which there is no intervening time between the sealing and the slaughter. Pursuant to Ezek. 9:2; TN3: 71.1-2; SR2: 185:3; TN3: 76.1, 78.1; LDSDA: 3.2; JL6: 2.1; SR1: 37.2; TN1: 38.2; 1TG52.”

We have posted a report already concerning the “two churches” idea, please see this link —

As we review number 7, we can see that Sam promotes his idea that there will be two Ezekiel 9’s. This, as we’ve posted before is  a very different teaching that what we as Rod believers have believed. But Sam shows once again Inspired references to back up his ideas, let’s go over them one by one.

Ezekiel 9:2 —
“And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brasen altar.” 

We have a better idea, instead of Sam interpreting what this reference says, let’s look at all the writings by the Lord’s Rod as to this Scripture.

  1. 2 TG, no.19, p.11 —  Ezek.9:2 left alone by the Rod
  2. 2 TG, no.42, p.32 — After quoting Ezek. 9:2 the Rod says–

“Besides this vivid illustration, Inspiration, through the prophet Daniel reveals that the Sanctuary is to be cleansed not only from sinners, but from doctrinal error, too,…”

3.  1 TG, no. 43, p.14-15 — After quoting Ezek. 9:2 the Rod says —

“Ezekiel’s prophecy plainly reveals that this cleansing work takes place in the church (in Jerusalem), in the time to separate the unfaithful from among the faithful, the time to destroy the “tares” (Matt. 13:30), to cast out the bad fish (Matt. 13:47-49), to purify the church (“Testimonies,” Vol. 5, pg. 80), to purify the ministry (Mal. 3:1-3); to cleanse the sanctuary (Dan. 8:14) — the Judgment work for the Living.  The Spirit of Prophecy in our day has this to say:

   “…But the days of purification of the church are hastening on apace.  God will have a people pure and true.  In the mighty sifting soon to take place, we shall be better able to measure the strength of Israel.”

4. 1 TG, no. 52, p.15-16 — After quoting Ezek. 9:2 the Rod says–

“Note that at the command of Lord, the angels in charge are to slay the sinners in Jerusalem (in the church), not in the world.  Only the abomination-hating ones, those who receive the mark for sighing and crying against the wrongs are to be left.”

5. 1 SR, p.26-27 — After quoting Ezek.9:2 the Rod says —

“It is positive that the sealing of the 144,000 is Ezekiel 9,–the separation (sifting in the church–the godly from the ungodly).” 

6. 2 TG, no.43, p.19-20 — After quoting Ezek. 2 the Rod says–

“Not in the world, but in Judah and Israel, in the church, the iniquity is great, and there the slaughter takes place.  Moreover, the multitude that is brewing and fostering the abominations are unconscious that they are acting as if the Lord had forsaken the earth, as if He has left it for them to run it and to do with His people as they please.

   Here you see what it means to hear the Rod, and what it means to close your ears to it.”

7. 1 TG, no.21, p.14-15 —  After quoting Ezek.9:2 the Rod says–

“The promise to purify Jerusalem, Judah and Israel stands as sure as any promise in the Word.  The terms, Jerusalem, Judah, Israel you know, cannot be applied to anything but to the church, the place where everyone should sigh and cry against abominations.  Those who do not sigh and cry are to be left without the mark, and then the angels who have charge of the church smite everyone of them — “old and young, both maids and little children, and women.”  Only those who have the mark shall be left.  They are the remnant.  The angels are thus to take care of both the wheat and the tares.”

8. 3 Tract, p.44-45 — After quoting Ezek. 9:2 the Rod says —

“Here the people are shown to be in a mixed state (tares and wheat commingled), with the time just ahead of them when on the one hand those who have sighed and cried for the abominations in their midst shall receive the mark of deliverance, while on the other hand those who have not sighed and cried shall be left without the mark, to perish (in their sins) under the angels’ slaughter weapons.

   From this separation — the one in the church — come forth the first fruits.

   Then follows the separation from among the nations, as seen in the parable of Matthew 25, prophetically describing Christ’s coming…”

The above Rod quotes leave no doubt that the subject of a pre-purification of Davidians is wholly private interpretation. Ezek. 9:2 is not supportive in ANY WAY to Sam’s conclusions–a false use of the Rod’s word.

Tract 3 , p.71 —

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Jer. 8:20.

This being the dreadful experience of the tares in Babylon, in the second section of the harvest, there must, as a type, be a similar and precedent experience for the tares in the Laodicean church, in the first section of the harvest, a parallel which shows conclusively that

The Church Is Not Babylon.

   The reason that the church is figuratively not “Babylon” is that it is called Jerusalem (Ezek. 9:4,8), and from among the good therein, the wicked (the tares) are destroyed, taken out, by the six men with the slaughter weapons (Ezek. 9:6-9), and then afterward the good (the wheat) are gathered in “the barn;” while from among the wicked in Babylon, the just (“My people”) are called out and gathered into the barn, and then the seven angels pour out the seven last plagues, and the remaining wicked are destroyed.”

Dear reader, correct us if we are missing anything, but Sam is using the above for proof of his two Ezekiel 9’s idea. Where in God’s green earth do we see this here?? This smacks of spiritual incompetency  and blindness. As this is so plain (two harvests and separations), we don’t need to provide further proof of this misplaced usage of the Rod by Sam.

SRod, vol. 2, p.185 —

“The knowledge of present truth, which the five foolish virgins possessed since 1844 is the judgment of the dead, and was the only oil in their lamps.  When the judgment of the living commenced, and the “cry was made,” they were found without this extra oil in their vessels; they had neglected their Lord’s command:

“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.”  Thus when the wise ones started out to meet the bridegroom the lamps of the foolish went out, for, the judgment of the dead had passed.  Therefore, it was present truth no more, and thus they were left in darkness. 

At the beginning of the judgments of God they saw their mistake and rushed for the ark of safety, but it was beyond their reach for they knew nothing of the message, and by the time they acquired it (filled their lamps with oil), there had been a delay, the angel had passed “through the city, through Jerusalem,” the church — the sealing was finished, and probation for the church had closed — the door was shut. 

Thus they were left out.  Then they came with these words: “Lord, Lord, open unto us, But He answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.”  “Appoint his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” 

Once again we see absolutely nothing here to provide proof of Sam’s ideas. On the contrary, it shows solid proof for what we as believers in the straight original Rod believe. The message of the hour–the straight unadulterated Rod– is our oil, our present truth. Not Sam’s twisted ideas made to push the unsuspecting down a false path into perdition!

There are about 80 Rod references to Matt. 25:1-13, and rest assured NOT ONE show any support for two purification (DSDA and SDA). It always shows two real ones — SDA and the world.

Next post we’ll finish with remaining references used by Sam. So far we have seen a castle built on sand, one that will surely crumble unless Sam and his followers awake before it’s too late.