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The 42 Month Prophecy -Latter Day Application?

14 Nov


To many of us present truth believers the subject of the 42 months latter day prophecy is not clear at all. Brother Houteff declared that there may be a future application and that is what has spurned some ideas. Our post will first go back to our final prophet’s moments and what transpired.

In brother Don Adair’s book, “A Davidian Testimony”, he relates what transpired at the end of the prophet’s life. While visiting her husband in the hospital, the following conversation, according to Adair took place,

“..the night before, Feb 4, 1955, he had visitors– Sis. Houteff, along with her mother (Sis. Hermanson), as well as her brother (Bro. Oliver Hermanson). And Sis. Peterman said that sometime  during the course of their conversations, they talked about the forty-two months; and she heard Sis. Houteff say to him, “Tell us Victor, the answer.” And she heard him say to Sis. Houteff and the others: “Tomorrow you’ll have your answer.” The nurse said that sometime past midnight, Feb. 5, 1955, Bro. Houteff died, and someone at the hospital called Sis. Houteff and told her.” (Page 202-203) 

We all know that the prophet’s final declaration on just what the latter-day application was, was not given. Yet, despite this Florence Houteff soon took it upon herself to declare what that application was. She prepared for this with the following statement.

“During the last months of his life, Bro. Houteff was engaged in studying Timely Greetings, Vol. 2, No. 15, preparatory to enlarging upon the subject matter  therein for its reprint.  At this time he expressed the definite conviction that the time prophecy of Revelation 11: 2-12 and Daniel 12:6, 7 could have met their fulfillment only in type from 538 AD to 1798 AD and that they have a latter-day fulfillment.” (SC, vol. 11, no. 1, p.3)

Obviously she and her hand-picked counsel were chomping at the bit to know and eventually declare what the latter-day application was. We all know too well this issue was the eventual cause of the “Knock-out blow”, the failed privately interpreted 1959 prediction that led to shame and despair among Davidians for many years.

There is a lesson here we believe. One’s own private interpretations that make prophetic  upcoming events will cause harm and confusion. This one lesson is so powerful and clear that NONE should miss it! Yet as we’ll see, some have and repeated this very same mistake on the 42 month prophecy.

Recently we received a small booklet from one of the DSDA organizations (IGADSDA-Red Bluff, Calif.). Their Symbolic Code goes into the latter-day 42 month prophecy. Having the aforementioned  facts already in mind (VTH never expounded upon this latter-day prophecy) we were curious and, frankly, concerned.

So let us go over this Code and see if it stands the test of truth.

To briefly summarize, this Code attempts to declare that the Scriptures/SOP/Rod all show that there is a clear understandable 42 month latter day application YET TO BE FULFILLED. They propose that soon the Gentiles (who they call USA and UN) shall invade Israel (the Holy Land) and trodden in “underfoot” for 42 months and at the end of this, the church purification happens (Ezek.9).

There are some quotes they use to deduct their idea from. Let us review these and see what they are saying, and more importantly whether they show a supportive understanding of the future application very soon to appear.

They start out with Zech. 1:18-21 as a foundational quote for their 42 month idea, so let’s look at all the Rod references that speak about this–

Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns.And I said unto the angel that talked with me, What be these? And he answered me, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.And the LORD shewed me four carpenters.
Then said I, What come these to do? And he spake, saying, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head: but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it. (Zech.1:18-21)

The Rod says this about that–

Here we see, first, that the heathen powers in their scattering of God’s ancient people, are represented as four horns, and later, in their casting out the Gentiles, they are represented as four carpenters.  Thus it is predicted also pictorially that “Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, [only] until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” Luke 21:24.(Tract 12, p.50)

We notice no support or description of any specific latter time of this “trodden down” , only that Jerusalem will be until “the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” Is that later, or is it now happening by the current “Gentiles” there now (both true Gentiles and so-called Jews who are not really Jews)? It mentions “times” and thus is open about the length of this trodden down, not indicative of 42 months here.Could it be that the Lord knows the beginning and end of this trodden down period, not us?

The following are the remaining references that speak about Zech.1;18-21–

  1. SRod, vol.2, p.260
  2. 1 TG, no.11, p.10-11
  3. 1 TG, no.12, p.15
  4. 1 TG, no.15, p.18
  5. 2 TG, no.44, p.50-51

We advise you to review each of these references. You will note that not one of them even hint of a future 42 month latter application. They simply reiterate the fact that Zech.1:18-21 speaks of when the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled and that subsequently the Kingdom begins.

Red Bluff’s Code then says–

“It is imperative that our brothers and sisters understand the prophecy of when modern Assyria will be crushed because it is connected to the time when the church is to be purified.” (page 3, their underlying)

So they point out that we need to know “when” modern Assyria will be crushed. And so they proceed to show us –when. They do this in order to show us when we’ll know the events that show Ezek.9 is about to happen (end of the 42 month application).

The Code then soon says this bold statement–

“The first major event on the horizon that God’s Word warns us of is when the Gentiles, the United States and the United nations, tread the Holy City-Jerusalem. The Bible says that it is a fall event when the Gentiles, enter Jerusalem which is in the near future, and will end 42 months (3-1/2 years) later in the spring during Passover.

Most, if not all Seventh-day Adventist and many Davidians do not realize that there is a latter day forty-two month prophecy concerning Jerusalem where the Gentiles tread the holy city. This event is right on the horizon, and it has everything to do with the Seventh-day Adventists Denomination. It is a key prophecy that starts in motion the end-time events that culminates with the purification of the church in the spring during the Passover. It is at the end of this period of 42 months that the 144,00 are delivered to give the Loud Cry of gathering the Great Multitude.”(Page 20, their underlying)

Wow! Now that is quite a prediction and MUST be backed up CLEARLY from the Rod, the restorer of “all things” which includes the future prophetic timetable understanding. So let’s look further at what Inspired references Red Bluff uses to establish–

  1. There is a latter day forty-two month prophecy concerning Jerusalem being trodden down by the Gentiles
  2. At the end of the 42 months the Ezek. 9 church purification happens and the 144,000 are delivered

In their Code they say that Luke 21:20-24 “Jerusalem” being “trodden down by the Gentiles” has a specific latter-day application.Meaning that soon Gentiles shall enter Jerusalem and trodden it down, specifically for 42 months.

But how about what the Rod says about Luke 21:20-24? Have they pondered that? Apparently not.

Rev. 11:2. “But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.”

   But why leave out the court?  Why not measure it also?  For since it is a part of the building, it, too, must be symbolical of saints.  Obviously because it represents the “great multitude, which no man could number [measure], of all nations, and kindreds,  and people, and tongues” (Rev. 7:9) — the last who come from among the Gentiles. 

The “court,” in other words, is symbolical of the immeasurable (innumberable) harvest of second fruits brought in  after the measurable (numerable) harvest of first fruits — the 144,000.  It is not measured (investigated), because it represents those among whom there are no “bad” to be cast out; for they are gathered in after the cleansing of the heavenly temple (Dan. 8:14) — after the judgment of the dead — after the separation of “the bad” from among “the good” in the church, as illustrated by the parable of the net (Matt. 13:47, 48). 

They are those who by name, “My people” (Rev. 18:4), are called to come out of Babylon, and who, with no unclean among them (Isa. 52:1), come into the already purified and living church of God.  (For more extensive treatment of the subject of the investigative judgment, see our Tract No. 3, The Harvest, third edition.)

   The “forty and two months” (allowing thirty days to a month, and reckoning a day for a year — Ezek. 4:6), represent the 1260-year prophetic period; 538 A.D. to 1798 A.D. (See The Shepherd’s Rod,  Vol. 2, pp. 142, 261.)  “The Gentiles” here mentioned are those who tread “under foot” the “holy city” (the church), — an act which calls our attention to  the Master’s prediction concerning the fate of the  saints during this forty and two months period:

   “And they [the church] shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away [from the promised  land] captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled” (Luke 21:24), the time that the Gentiles go out of Jerusalem and the Israelites go in.

   The occupation of the Promised Land by the Gentiles today was typified by yesterday’s Gentile occupation of it.  And when ancient Israel returned from Egypt to the land of promise the times of the Gentiles in those days were fulfilled.  Likewise now when antitypical Israel, the 144,000 guileless servants of God, are sealed and taken to Mt. Zion, there to stand with the Lamb, the “times of the Gentiles” in these days will be fulfilled.” (Tract 5, p.110-112)

What? You mean there is “Gentiles” there now, treading down the  and occupying the land? Of course, yes indeed. But wait, the Red Bluff Codes says this–

“..when the Gentiles, the United Sates and the United Nations, tread the Holy City–Jerusalem.” (page 19)

So we are to think that the Rod was incorrect because there really aren’t any Gentiles there now, as it said, but are to wait until the “real” Gentiles come into Jerusalem in the form of the US and United Nations? Total hogwash!

Brethren this is total private interpretation and does not stand on the Rod. NOWHERE does it say such things. This is similar to the Sunday keepers, having to pull this reference and that reference, put them together, and then saying “see this is saying Sunday is the day of the Lord.”

In other words it is a false construction of Inspired references in order to build their agenda of the future 42 month application. Which we again note, the prophet did not elaborate even to his death.

But they continue to promote their time setting. We read–

“To know when Ezekiel nine takes place we need to know when the forty-two months begins because it is key of when the church is purified.

Historically, we know that the forty-two months hadan application during the dark ages when the Papacy ascended to power, and France rejected the Bible. (See GC88, pp.54, 266, 269, 286, 287) This later day application of the forty-two months of Revelation 11, is connected to the prophecies of Zechariah 14, and Daniel 11:45.”(Page 39) 

Ok so now we are to believe that Ezek. 9 shall be clearly known by a  timetable(?). Based on what? They say Zech. 14 and Daniel 11:45.

Ok let us once again see what the Rod says about these two Inspired references and whether the Rod shows a “connection” to the 42 month prophecy.

The following references are what the Rod says about Zech. 14:1-5

  1. 1 TG no.20, p.11
  2. 1 TG no.19, p.3-4
  3. 2 TG no.10, p.28
  4. 1 TG, no.40, p.21
  5. 2 TG no.31, p.6-7
  6. 2 TG no 41, p.14
  7. 2 TG no.44, p.51
  8. FB p.11

In our number one reference we read-

“Last Sabbath we concluded our study with verse eleven of Zechariah 14, and now in order to connect today’s study with last Sabbath’s, we shall briefly review the events concerning Jerusalem, as predicted in the first eleven verses of the same chapter.

   The first event predicted is a war against Jerusalem, in which all nations participate.  In that war a part of the people in Jerusalem go into captivity, but the rest remain in the city.  Moreover, in that day the Lord’s feet stand on the Mount of Olives, and the mountain cleaves toward the east and toward the west, making a great valley.  Then to this valley of the mountains, to the place where the Lord’s feet stand, the people of God flee as hastily as if from an earthquake. 

Thus is Jerusalem to be re-inhabited by God’s Own people.  Evidently those who are not cut off, those who are left in Jerusalem, must be the faithful that are found therein.   But those who flee to the valley to where the Lord’s feet stand — flee to Him, not away from Him — must be the faithful from elsewhere.  Plainly, Jerusalem is to become the great gathering place for God’s people.” (1 TG, no.20, p.11)

There is no way we can understand this reference as Red Bluff makes it out. This is POST Ezekiel 9. And if you’ll review all the references you’ll see two important points. 1) They are describing during or after the gigantic Israel war which is during or post Ezek.9  2) they do not even insinuate any latter-day 42 month prophecy connection.

Let us remember this one clear reference showing a specific time clue for Ezekiel 9 is Tract 14, p.22.

…while the powers of earth are engulfed in a gigantic war, the wicked in the church shall be cut off, no  more to pass through her.”

With all the world’s major players in the middle eats right now, USA, Russia, China, Nato, Arab countries, we can see the final gigantic war is but a short time to start.

It is clear that Red Bluff has an agenda and that is to proclaim a future  “invasion” of USA and United Nations into Jerusalem. These are the “Gentiles” they claim, ignoring the fact that the Rod declares there are Gentiles already there.

To illuminate this point further we read —
“The people of Thy holiness have possessed it but a little while: our adversaries have trodden down Thy sanctuary. We are thine: Thou never barest rule over them; they were not called by Thy name.” Isa. 63:18, 19.

“Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation. Our holy and our beautiful house, where our fathers praised Thee, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste.” Isa. 64:10, 11.

Here is seen that the longing of the people is for the restoration of the temple, and for their repossession of the promised land. Now the fact that the “temple” and the “land” are still in the hands of Arabs and unbelieving Jews (those who were never called by His name, never called Christians) is proof positive that chapters 63 and 64 are fulfilled in the latter part of the Christian era, the part in which the time of the Gentiles in the promised land is fulfilled.” (1 TG, no.43, p.12)

So we see that current “Arabs” and “unbelieving Jews” there now are those who are trodding down the holy land and thus shall be there until “the times of the Gentiles in the promised land are fulfilled.” Thus the subject of who the Gentiles are is cleared. We’d also like to add that we all know that currently Palestine if FULL of Arabs (Gentiles).

In regards to Dan.11:45, they say,

“Daniel also reveals this same prophecy with the added point that the United States will build the “tabernacles” on the “glorious  holy mountain” (Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia), which is between the seas, the Red Sea  and the Mediterranean Sea, then “he shall come to his end.”  (Page 47, their underlying and bolds)

As we pointed out in our previous report on the King of the North, this planting of his tabernacles can only be post Ezek. 9.


This is all a smoke screen brethren to take our eyes off the ball, which is to warn Mother that her time is at hand. Nowhere in the Rod are we told of a latter-day 42 month specific fulfillment  and Red Bluff needs to come clean and correct their serious error here. The fact that the Lord called brother Houteff home  the day before his announcement of the specifics (42 month latter day fulfillment) certainly shows that this subject was not to be clarified. Those who “run ahead” are placing themselves in a precarious position and may suffer the consequences. Time is short, we have no time to waste making up false upcoming events, such as the idea that the USA and UN will be invading Jerusalem, all the while Mother escapes and the laity are not given true “meat in due season.”


A Study on the King of the North (Part 3 of 3)

5 Nov


We conclude our 3 part series with the two final references and a summary.


“While the Ottoman Empire has been shrinking since 1669 A.D., the British Empire has been expanding, and it today rules Egypt and Palestine.  Hence, today Turkey is the king of the south, and Great Britain, the king of the north…

We all know that Great Britain has been helped by the United States of America more than once.  But if we rightly understand this verse, the events of which are but a continuation of those found in verse 44, the king will surely come to his end and none shall help him. 

This may transpire before World War II is entirely over, and yet it may not.  We gather this from the fact that the event of verse 44 is in connection with the event of verse 45.  Inspiration seems to allow no time between verses 44 and 45.  We do not know the turns which the war will take, but we know that the prophecies of the Bible never fail.

   As to his planting his tabernacles in the glorious holy mountain, it is not too clear, for planting the tabernacles of his palace before he comes to his end does not necessarily mean moving his throne there.  It could be taken to mean having a branch of his palace there.  If he is to plant his tabernacles there while Michael stands up, though, then the only locality other than the Holy Land that we know of, is at Mount Sinai, between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

From the study of the eleventh chapter of Daniel, we have learned several positive truths: 1. That the time of the end began in the eighteenth century; 2. That the king of the south is the Ottoman empire; 3. That the king of the north at the present time is Great Britain in particular; 4. That World War II is the war in Daniel eleven.

   Now that the prophecy of the eleventh chapter of Daniel continues through the twelfth, we shall turn to verse one.

Dan. 12:1 — “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

   At that time (that is, at the time the king of the north comes to his end and none help him) shall Michael stand; and at the same time there shall be trouble such as never was even to that very time.  Only God’s people, who have their names written in the book, will be delivered.  None other.” (2 TG, no.7, p.5, 9-10)

As we read this prophecy we can only see that Inspiration seems to be speaking of the GB King of the North, not the USA. Several clues show this  particularly the fact that USA is mentioned as helper not King and that , as we understand, the time Michael (our King) stands up it is while the time of trouble is occurring which can only be the end of the GB king. The USA king is last and thus would not be at his end while this time is on for he is setting up his tabernacle (likely Mt. Sinai) for a image of his “holiness” as we have learned.

In other words It seems to specifically call out the GB end of reign.


Dan. 11:45 — “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

   The only portion of Daniel 11 yet to be fulfilled is this verse, the last of the chapter, and since these prophecies are made to be understood only when they are being fulfilled or after fulfillment, verse 45 is not as clear as we should like to have it.  Consequently concerning the place of his tabernacles and his end, also as to whether another Christian power shall inherit the title “king of the north” before verse 45 is fulfilled, only time itself will positively portray the whole truth.

   The thing that Inspiration makes altogether clear is the fact that the king’s next stand is his end, while all look and listen, but none come to his help…

Dan. 12:1 — “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

   “And at that time” — that is, at the time the king of the north comes to his end (Dan. 11:45) — shall Michael stand up and deliver His people, the Church, all who are written in the Book… (2 TG, no.42, p.27,29) 

Let us address the question  “whether another Christian power shall inherit the title “king of the north” before verse 45 is fulfilled, only time itself will positively portray the whole truth.”

As time has indeed moved on since the prophet wrote these words, our answer would have to be a clear–no. The state of Israel and the Palestine land is still controlled by the same powers that be–the Great Britain based Rothschild empire.


From all that we can gather it appears that the message tells us that the current King of the North is Great Britain, and has been since the early 1900’s. There’s been no transfer of title of this King because we have not seen one iota of new ruler-ship of the glorious land.

But as we learned from the earlier Rod statements, the USA will take over as King of the North and be the “last” one. However this all appears to take place after the final war and subsequent Ezek. 9 church judgment (as explained in part 2).

But we know that there are many details yet to be made known and, as mentioned, this subject “is not as clear as we should like to have it.”

So we as present truth believers should be aware that the current King has not yet come to his end. With the end time movements shaping up in the middle east we can see that this end could be quite imminent.

To further establish that the current GB king is to come to his end shortly we read–

Zech. 14:2 — “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.”

“In view of the fact that Jerusalem is to be protected by a wall of fire (Zech. 2:5) while the house of Judah reigns there, it is definite that the battle here described must be fought before the house of Judah is established. In that battle the nations will defeat the rulers of the Promised Land. Then it is that the house of Judah commences to be set up.” (1 TG, no.19, p.3-4)

This clearly shows that the next war is to defeat the current rulers of the Promised Land, which is no doubt GB/Rothschilds. Then it is that the final events take place and no one come to this King’s help, rather another King (USA) sets up and establishes his very short reign while the Great I AM sets up His “house of Judah” reign and the pre-millennial Kingdom.

In closing, this KON understanding shows that it certainly is not simple nor easy to follow. Yet some main pillars of truth exist, which we can form a rough idea from. As the Rod says it is not as clear as we would like it, but time will tell all the particulars.

Questions and Answers

  1. What about the King of the North being Israel right now, as they are controlling the land currently?

This cannot be as the Rod says that the Kings in modern times must be “Christianized kings.”(Tract 12, p.87). Further the true ruling power of Israel/Palestine has remained under GB/Rothschild rule via financial/land ownership vehicles (see our Godsloveandlaw post-

      2. How can the USA be the next last “King of the North” when after Ezek.9 the saints are to go to Palestine and be protected by the Lord? The USA could not enter nor rule the glorious land which is what makes it possess the title–King of the North per Tract 12, p.86-87.

This is a thought pondering question. GB has fulfilled the requirements to be officially called King of the North and the USA has not as yet. Remember this —

“..his choosing to plant them “in the glorious holy mountain,” indicates that the place is intended to attach to his tabernacles the holiness of the Christian’s God.  Investing the tabernacles of his palace with such sanctity, can mean that it is to house the headquarters of the soon-coming ecclesiastical world-government, which  we have already considered.

But one location, perhaps Mount Sinai, is “between  the seas” — the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.  His choosing it instead of Jerusalem, implies that it is because Palestine, as well as Edom, Moab and Ammon, shall “escape out of his hand.”

This would seem to indicate that the USA will have “Palestine as well as Edom, Moab and Ammon” “escape out of his hand”. So the idea that the USA may not rule nor enter the glorious land would seem to be a waiver of the aforementioned rule.

It seems that the Rod interacts with describing both the GB and USA Kings, even from one reference to another. In other words one paragraph appears to describe situations that will involve the USA then in another–GB. Both are Kings and are yet to complete prophetic events such as GB coming to his great world financial/political  dominance’s end and the USA setting up the tabernacle for the “the headquarters of the soon-coming ecclesiastical world-government” and then finally coming to his end (per Rev. 18). This is the very last end of ALL the successive  Kings of the North.

There is much more to come and we can only hope that the Lord grants us the privilege to behold it. May the Lord help us to continue to enjoy and study His great prophetic word.