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The 144,000 Truth (Part 7 of 7)

19 Jul

As we wind up our 7 part post study, we will summarize the witnesses and then close with the final summary.

Let’s begin with why this subject is important to understand. In part 2 of our study, we pointed out how Ellen White was given her first vision , and how it was about the 144,000 Adventists who made it up the narrow path toward the kingdom. God in His infinite wisdom began His first lesson on this  important subject- the 144,000.

Then later He gave us the promised “Elijah” to come– brother Victor T. Houteff. The very first words written from the Rod message was, “It is the intention of this book to reveal the truth of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7..” And then again, “THIS publication contains only one main subject with a double lesson; namely, the 144,000, and a call for reformation.”(Srod , vol. 1.  preface and introduction).

As we pointed out in our study, brother Houteff on more than one occasion likened the understanding of this issue as a matter of salvation. In other words, as the main purpose of the Shepherd’s Rod writings is to get a clear conception of the 144,000 Truth and to reform, we cannot escape the fact that if we fail to rightly understand the truth in this area, we could very well be in a precarious position spiritually.

Ok let us summarize each of the witnesses.

Bonnie Smith– 

Her testimony brought out the fact that M.J. Bingham was the one who taught the doctrine of “those with” not brother Houteff. And that Don Adair subsequently learned of this teaching through Bingham. Her testimony refuted the “those with” doctrine of others surviving the Ezekiel 9 church judgment.

Ellen White–

Our founding church prophetess established that God began the church with a subject that obviously is of supreme importance– the 144,000. She further identified that “those with” will include those who were faithful to the present truth taught in EGW’s day. She said, “Your work, my work shall not cease with this life. For a little while we may rest in the grave, but, when the call comes, we shall in the kingdom of God, take up our work once more”(Testimonies, vol. 7, p.17). She never spoke of any other “those with” company.

Further, Spirit of Prophecy gave us this important instruction– “Let us strive with all power that God has given us to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand.” (March 9, 1905)

The Shepherd’s Rod Volumes —

We began our 3rd session with the reference that pointed out how very important it is to know the truth about the 144,000.

If we do not understand the subject of the 144,000, we may not be sealed, for it would be worthless to understand it after the sealing, just as it would be of no value to understand the beast and his image after his work on earth is finished.” (SRod,  Vol. 1 p.14)

This is why we cannot guess or study this issue “half-way”. We must put our whole heart into knowing this subject. If we call ourselves “Davidian” and do not have a clear conception of this issue, who we kidding? Surely not God.

The prophet said, “No one by beginning to study a subject from the middle, backward or forward, can learn its continuity and know what it is all about. If one is to learn the full truth of a subject, he must study it in its entirety.” (TG, vol. 1, no. 5, p.3)

We saw clear and unmistakable evidence supporting only 144,000 surviving the church judgment. There was 12 references for only 144,000 escaping and 1 reference that may appear to indicate others surviving. However, even that one doesn’t hold up well when we analyze the full context and setting of what is said.

Further as pointed out, when we have such strong and solid evidence on one side of the issue, how can we try and make the 12 fit the 1? No, it cannot be, and must be the other way around.

The Tracts —

In these witnesses, we continue to see a large preponderance of evidence supporting only 144,000 escaping the judgment. There were 2 quotes that “appear” to say that others survive. But again, upon a thorough look at these verses they do not stand solid in that view.  There are 10 references that clearly show the opposite view. Bottomline these witnesses stand for only 144,000 surviving.

The Symbolic Codes and The Answerer–

In session number 5 we found some detailed views on our subject. There were 9 references supporting only 144,000 escaping and 2 references appearing to show the possibility of “those with” surviving. The evidence continues to mount from the testimonies for only 144,000 escaping.

The Timely Greetings and The Jezreel Letters–

As our last session showed, we examined the valuable sermon addresses (Timely Greetings) and the final unrolling of the scroll on our subject (Jezreel Letters).

In reviewing these last witnesses we found 14 references supporting no “those with” the 144,000 escaping Ezek. 9. We found 2 references that appear to show the possibility of some others surviving.

Conclusion —

There are two different ways we can conclude this issue. First, by adding up all the references and then looking at them in what is known as “progressive light”. In other words, the first words (earliest dates) do not hold as much truth or final say on a matter as the last words (latest dates) do. In particular, this issue of the “those with”  is actively being taught by the latest well-known proclaimer, Lennox  Sam (Wavesheaf Ministry).

As  a believer in this progressive light theory, he attempts to build the case for the “those  with”by producing evidence that brother Houteff wrote clearer views on this subject in the late 40’s and then reprinted some TG’s supporting the “those with” idea in 1953.

However, this theory is dismantled when we see that the Jezreel Letter, no.5, written in either 1953 or 1954 states the following clear and solid view of Inspiration on this issue. (Note: this was fresh writings from the prophet at that time, NOT reprints)

“Why are you Elders jubilantly bringing the multitudes into the churches if you positively know that only 144,000 out of a vast multitude of church members are to be worthy of salvation? Why are you giving them hope of a home in the Kingdom if you positively know that they cannot be saved? Is not such an in-gathering outright deception and the greatest endeavor to infiltrate the church with tares ever heard of, and is it not spiritual whoredom of the worst kind to fill the church of God with devils?(JL, no. 5, page 5-6)

This shows that the prophet was rebuking the leaders for their hypocrisy in knowing that “only 144,000 out of a vast multitude of church members are worthy of salvation”.

Obviously to understand that statement, said by VTH in 1953 or 1954, we should understand that he was speaking primarily to “today’s” leaders, although unbeknownst to him back then.

Let us keep in mind that this statement is a classic example of a prophet not fully knowing “the message which they utter in His name.”

“Men do not fully understand what God would accomplish by the work which He gives them to do; they do not comprehend, in all it’s bearings, the message which they utter in His name.” (Great Controversy, p.343)

The second way is the “weight of evidence” method. That is well known among us. Both Ellen White and Victor Houteff staunchly advocated this method of understanding the Inspired writings.

From the view point of  weight of evidence we have something like over 8 to 1 in Inspired references siding with the fact that only 144,000 survive the church judgment. This is quite strong support to say the least. As mentioned earlier, when one decides to lean on the few rather than the preponderance of evidence, it’s a clear indication that “agendas” are what matters, not the weight of evidence.

This author believes that BOTH methods are true and cannot be controverted. We cannot deny the fact that the “unrolling of the scroll”(progressive light) or the “weight of evidence” are God sent methods of discovering His light, in all it’s glory.

After review of the case and all the witnesses we find that neither the “weight of evidence” nor the “progressive light” support the case of “those with” surviving the Ezekiel 9 church judgment. In fact just the opposite, a landslide of evidence showing that brother Houteff did indeed have a clear conception of the 144,000 Truth.

That truth  was/is — Only 144,000 will survive the Ezekiel 9 church judgment. This is God’s solid word.

Let us understand that our Lord has remained the same Lord yesterday, today and tomorrow. How many were saved in Noah’s day? Eight. How many were saved , over the age of 20, from the million or so from Egypt? Two. How many were saved from the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and surrounding cities? One family.

The Lord is now fulfilling His word —“And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The LORD will not do good, neither will he do evil.” Zeph. 1:12).

This searching will result in His finding the 144,000–finally! Brethren, let us strive to be part of this group. Now that we have seen that this group is our only chance, we must not let down our guard and be careless. We cannot afford to lose eternity by believing in “man’s fables” such as M.J Bingham started long ago.

We would like to conclude our 7 part study with this relevant revelation. On March 19 1959, Florence Houteff and her council held a council meeting to discuss their upcoming “Ezek.9 date”. Many of us know that she and her cohorts were about to deliver the “Knock-out blow” by falsely predicting the church judgment on April 22, 1959. But we found the following in their minutes of the meeting.

“In Tract 8, page 28 it tells that these two Passovers typify the two purifications, one for the 144,000, and one for the great multitude.”

We see that this was merely 4 years after the prophet died and they are confirming that there is two purifications. The 144,000 from the church and the great multitude from the world. This is unmistakable evidence that the original Davidians knew well what the Rod message taught. Two surviving groups, the 144,000 from the SDA church and a great multitude from the world.

Lastly, if you come in contact with brethren who try to lead you to the “those with” theory, point them to the important and clear references shown here in this report. Ask them to tell you what they mean. If they will not address them then that is a clear signal that you should not waste time, because it will only lead to throwing your “pearls” of truth out to see them trampled upon.

Statements such as “yeah, but” or “doesn’t matter” used as “explanations” of the solid quotes shown, are simply ways to side step or ignore the facts. Don’t fall for it. It will result in a waste of time.

“..Satans supreme effort at this hour must be to cause the time to be wasted and the work undone.” (Answerer, vol. 1, Question 4)

“Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things beforehand, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.” (2 Peter 3:17)

“Therefore, brethren, let us put aside all doubts, and trust implicitly in the living testimony, lest by our questionings and quibblings, we grieve away the Spirit of Christ, and thus find ourselves in fatal conflict with the Almighty, as did those whom the Scriptures call stiff-necked, impudent, hard-hearted, and rebellious.” (SC, vol.5, no1-5, p.6)

“If we, therefore, fail to exchange our ideas for the Lord’s then what hope is there for us ever to become enlightened and fitted for eternity? Our ideas are to fall flat, and the Lord’s prophecies are to stand “high and lifted up.” Our duty is to prove God’s word correct rather than hold tenaciously to our preconceptions and misconceptions until God Himself steps in and puts us to shame.” (TG, vol. 1, no.13,p.7)

“The weight of evidence” is the only fair and final criterion worthy of a Christian who must ever make an investigation for himself concerning purported truth.’ (The Answerer, vol. 1, Question 6)

“The Enemy will try everything conceivable to confuse, becloud, and cover up the Truth, especially on the subject of the 144,000.” (White House Recruiter, p.33)

In closing, looking down to our time, the Elijah prophet declares our God given duty —

“It is now your God-given duty and privilege, the duty of the laity to whole-heartedly advance His cause, to help save the brethren, the 144,000, the firstfruits first, then the great multitude from all nations. Now you see the importance of working strictly for the denomination before we are sent to the nations.” (Jezreel Letter, no. 6, p.8)

May Christ be with you all.


The 144,000 Truth (part 6 of 7)

12 Jul

Now, we come to our two last witnesses, The Timely Greetings and the Jezreel Letters. Please note that there are Scriptures such as Rev.11 that we have left out because we decided they have already been well addressed. Brother Tony Hibbert’s report shows that there is no “type” for the “those with” in measuring of the temple all those throughout history(per Rev. 11). The ones who “worship therein” the altar, is symbolic of the 144,000 (tract 5, p.109-110) and them only. So we’ll count that as additional support for the position  against “those with” as originally taught by M.J. Bingham and then Don Adair, now Lennox Sam.


Those that escape from the slaying of the Lord, you note, are sent to the Gentile nations there to proclaim to them the Lord’s fame and His glory, and also to bring all their brethren (all that can be saved) to the house of the Lord. From this you can plainly see that those who escape must be the first fruits, the 144,000 Jacobites (Rev. 14:4). 

Those whom they bring from the Gentile nations to the house of the Lord must, therefore, be the second fruits (Rev. 7:9), thus where there is first there is also second.  Finally you plainly see that from the purification of the church the 144,000 escape and become the servants of God, the remnant, those who finish the gospel work in all the world.(TG, vol. 1, no.25, p.11)

What cannot be controverted is clearly “Finally you plainly see that from the purification of the church the 144,000 escape and become servants of God, THE REMNANT, those who finish the gospel work in all the world.” Also note that only one group ESCAPES, they are the –144,000.

We remember that Ellen White declared that she and her fellow believers would, “take up the work once more” (Test. vol. 7, p.17). So we know that the established “those with” (already mentioned in prior post) will work to help “finish the gospel”. But where do we find any reference pointing to those who survive the church judgment in addition to the 144,000, the “those with”, taking up the work? We don’t find it. So in all of Inspiration,we only find two groups taking up the “work” through out the world after the church judgment– 144,000 and the special resurrection ones.

Remember, too, that you are candidates for the first fruits, to be either one with or one of the 144,000, that you are to be without guile in your mouths (Rev. 14:5).(TG, vol. 1, no.4, p.27)

Ok, again, let us step back and look at this from the writer’s point of view. With the more than 15 to 1 references so far against “those with” do we really believe that our prophet is double minded? Can we believe that he suddenly switches course and says things against his prior clear statements?  Brethren we must be logical and sensible.

The fact is that brother Houteff was primarily speaking to “those with”, in particular, his generation. Of course this statement is true when we understand whom VTH was addressing. If they (the people back in the 1946) strived with all God-given power to be a candidate of the 144,000–they would be either one of or one with the 144,000. Can some of them possibly to be one “of” today? We know of at least two surviving members alive right now.

..imagine that the living saints in the city are to be so few that a man can n umber them. namely the 144,000, not considering that these are only the ‘first fruits” (Rev. 14:4) of the great “harvest”. (TG, vol. 1, no.12, p.16)

Who are the “so few” that survive the first fruit harvest? The 144,000.

So, only those who survive the Judgment for the Living, in the house of God (1 Pet. 4:17), those whose names are not blotted out from the Book (Rev. 3:5) will comprise the church, among whom are to be 144,000 sons of Jacob (Rev. 7:3-8), and when Michael stands up then those whose names are left in the Book will be delivered from the “trouble such as never was” (Daniel 12:1).  They are “the remnant,” the ones who escape alive from the Judgment for the Living in the House of God.  Thus the antitypical temple is to be built (Ezekiel chapters 40-43) and the cities are to be spread abroad. (TG, vol.1, no.11, p.11)

This quote is often mis-understood to say that when VTH says “among whom are the 144,000 sons of  Jacob..” it points to more than 144,000 surviving the church judgment. And that this number is just the “Israelites” in the church. What “church” is VTH referring to here? The kingdom church, or the SDA church?

Notice the word “will” (will comprise the church). This is definitely pointing to a future church–the kingdom church.  AFTER the judgment of the living in God’s house, the kingdom church will comprise BOTH the great multitude AND the 144,000. This is the reason VTH says “among whom are to be the 144,000 sons of Jacob.” It is speaking of the whole kingdom church.

“The true people of God,” says Inspiration, “who have the spirit of the work of the Lord, and the salvation of souls at heart, will ever view sin in its real, sinful character.  They will always be on the sides of faithful and plain dealing with sins which easily beset the people of God.  Especially in the closing work for the church, in the sealing time of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who are to stand without fault before the throne of God, will they feel most deeply the wrongs of God’s professed people.  This is forcibly set forth by the prophet’s illustration of the last work under the figure of the men each having a slaughter weapon in his hand.” — “Testimonies,” Vol. 3, pg. 266.  On which side do you stand?

   Now the subject of the 144,000 stands out brighter than ever before.  Now you can clearly see that those who escape the slaughter foreseen in Ezekiel nine, are the 144,000 the future servants of God, the first fruits of the harvest, resulting from the cleansing of the sanctuary (church), the work of the investigative judgment of the living.  This work and this Truth, therefore, are the most important for the day, and should whole-heartedly be heeded if one expects to receive the mark and the seal and escape the slaughter, survive the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  Our neglect to sigh and cry for the abominations in the church would mean our eternal loss. (TG, vol. 1, no.52, p.20-21)

I can’t add much more to this clear statement. The 144,000 “future servants of God” are they that come from the first harvest.

We are not to conclude that the Jews are the only descendants of Abraham.  Those who are fortunate enough to have this revelation brought to them, are the people.  There is no other safe conclusion if God causes the prophecies to be written, sealed, and then unsealed at His will and at the time appointed.  The Jews, therefore, are not the only descendants of Abraham. 

To find who these seekers of righteousness really are, there are several genealogical facts to consider: (1) Only the citizens of the kingdom of Judah (the two-tribe kingdom, Judah and Benjamin) received the title Jews.  (2) Those of the ten-tribe kingdom (the kingdom of Israel) were scattered among the nations, and there they completely lost their identity.  (3) The Christian church herself is an upshoot of the Jewish church and nation — the Apostles and her followers, up to about 35 A.D. were all Jews.  Then it was that again a multitude of Jews lost their identity by calling themselves “Christians.”  Comparatively speaking, only a few Jews, from the Kingdom of Judah, have preserved their national title, Jews.

   The descendants of the early Christian Jews and the descendants of the ten tribes, down the stream of time must have increased to a great innumerable multitude, for Abraham’s seed was to be as the sand of the sea for multitude.  It is, therefore, obvious that the few identified Jews of today are not the only descendants of Abraham’s, but that many of the Gentiles must be of Abraham.  Since this mixed up situation exists, hardly any one can really say for sure that he is not one of Abraham’s children.

  Perhaps many of the nations whom the world calls Gentiles are the children of Abraham.  We do not know for sure who is who.  God, however, has kept a perfect genealogical record, for He says: “I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know Me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there.  And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the Highest Himself shall establish her.  The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, that this man was born there. Selah.” Psa. 87:4-6.

   Furthermore, though one be of Gentile blood, if he truly accepts Christ he by his spiritual birth becomes of the seed of Abraham for says Inspiration, “If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Gal. 3:29.  The children of Abraham here addressed, therefore, are not to be sought among the identified unbelieving Jews, but among the Christians. (TG, vol. 1, no.37, p.11-12)

This shows the explanation of who is the Israelites in the church. Notice that those who have this message brought to them are the Israelites–  We are not to conclude that the Jews are the only descendants of Abraham.  Those who are fortunate enough to have this revelation brought to them, are the people.

So logically the 144,000 are from any in the SDA church who accept the message! God has watched the blood line and made sure that each of the descendants of Abraham have had a chance to hear this message, whether they hear or whether they forbear. (Ezek. 2:7)  This completely logical because we know that John saw the solemn Ezek. 9 event (Test. to Minsters, p.445), so that means there are not yet found 144,000 members in the church because once that number is sealed the church judgment begins.

We also remember that John was a witness to this most “startling revelation”. When we now realize the magnitude of our worldwide membership, the vision can be nothing but “startling”. May we truly ponder these solemn events and go to work!

How few truly sign and cry for the abominations in the church and their own life!

When will this be? — It will have to be just as soon as God can get a company of people to “see eye to eye” (Isa. 52:8) that their own so-called good deeds are but filthy rags, and thus be of one accord.  The only such company in prophecy, you know, is the 144,000, the first fruits, the servants of God who stand on Mount Zion with the Lamb without guile in their mouths (Rev. 14:1, 4, 5).  To achieve such a happy holy state the Church must experience a mighty revival and reformation, a shaking, a sifting, such as she has never yet experienced. (TG, vol. 2, no.19, p.10-11)

Here we see that the “only such company” to stand with the Lamb on Mt. Zion will be the 144,000. Are not the “those with” to also  be without guile in their mouths? If they are why are they not worthy of being among the 144,000? Doesn’t make any sense.

   Your knowledge of these things, though, will not benefit you if you do not make a desperate effort to be one of, or one with the 144,000.  You, moreover, must have this extra oil in your vessels (Matt. 25:1-12) now while it is so freely dispensed. (TG, vol. 2, no.4, p.15)

This statement is again in keeping with (TG, vol. 1, no. 4, p.27) as above. Brother Houteff explaining to his people that they have two choices. It’s amazing how , even though he did not know that his message would predominantly be to the “those with”(those who are to come up in the special resurrection), it has such clarity to us today! With the help of Inspiration, hindsight can indeed be 20/20!


To determine the Lord’s part, the tithe, the Lord’s lambs, goats, or sheep, were made to pass under the rod.  Each tenth then was taken and set aside for the Lord.  The statement of Ezekiel twenty, verse thirty-seven, “to pass under the rod,” therefore, means to separate His very elect from among the multitude, from among the “tares,” (Matt. 13:30) or from among the “bad fish” (Matt. 13:47, 48).  And being thus separated, they are counted.  So it is that the 144,000 (Rev. 7:3-8; 14:1) are a separate and numbered company.

   Now we see that Ezekiel twenty contains a prophetic history from the time of their sojourn in Egypt to the time of the sealing of the 144,000, and of the gathering of the people.

   When God causes His people to thus pass under the rod, He will then bring them into the bond of “the covenant which He made with Abraham, and of His oath unto Isaac; and hath confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant, saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance.” 1 Chron. 16:16-18.

   The promises which they failed to realize, the Lord reassures that He will now let His people have them.

Ezek. 20:38 — “And I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against me: I will bring them forth out of the country where they sojourn, and they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.”

   Here we are plainly told that only the elect will He bring “into the bond of the covenant.”  Them only will He bring into the land of Israel.  The sinners (tares, bad fish or goats) that are now among God’s people shall be taken out and be no more. (TG, vol. 2, no.1, p.7-8)

The above is quite clear again. Can’t add much more.

The cleansed ones you see, are the 144,000, and they are taken to Mount Sion.

   Plainly, then, the cleansing is in two sections.  The 144,000 guileless saints who are sealed from among the tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:4-7), the church, are but the first fruits.  They are taken to Mt. Sion.  Finally after the purification, or cleansing, of the church has taken place, then the great multitude of Revelation 7:9 are gathered out of all nations.  They constitute the second fruits, for where there is no second there can be no first. (TG, vol. 2, no.42, p.34)

Wait a minute! You mean that the “cleansed ones” from the SDA church are just the 144,000? Yes, that is what Inspiration just said. Again brethren let us not superimpose that which is not written.

How many yields of fruit is the harvest to give? — If the 144,000 are the “first fruits” (Rev. 14:4), then there must be “second fruits,” for where there is no second there can be no first.  The word “firstfruits” absolutely necessitates second fruits.

   Where do the first fruits come from, and where do the second fruits come from? — We are plainly told that the first fruits are Israelites — all from the twelve tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:4-8).  Israel certainly stands for the church membership at the time they are sealed; the title “Israel” cannot be construed to mean the world.  The firstfruits, therefore, are harvested from the church itself at the time the separation begins.  The word “sealed” means placed in a safe place — sealed. (TG, vol. 2, no.44, p.34)

What stands out here is that we find how many “fruits” (people) the first harvest yields–144,000.

Thus as the stone, supernaturally cut out of one mountain, supernaturally turns into another mountain, then fills the whole earth, it reveals the process of the prophecy’s turning into history: that the stone (in that it is to grow) is symbolical of the first-fruits in the kingdom; that the infant kingdom begins with the 144,000 “servants of God” (Rev. 7:3); that consequently the church of Laodicea (in that it is the last in which the wheat and the tares commingle, and therefore the one in which the wheat, the 144,000 first fruits, is harvested) is necessarily the mountain out of which the stone, the first fruit of the kingdom, is cut or taken from.

   Further, it is seen that their being “cut out without hands,” without human aid, obviously points out the fact that they are garnered by the angels; that their increasing, then, as the growth of the stone reveals, is the result subsequently of the gathering of the second fruits out of all nations, causing the mountain or kingdom, to fill the earth; and that this super-natural work of cutting out the stone, of separating the 144,000, the nucleus of the kingdom, is the purification of the church.

   Finally, since the stone, as has been seen, is cut out–the infant kingdom set up — “in the days of these kings” (the toe-kings), not after their days, and since the 144,000 “servants of God” stand on mount Zion (Rev. 14:1), it conclusively follows that the stone kingdom in its beginning is set up in the Holy Land, while the toe-kings are yet in existence.(TG, vol. 2, no.46, p.30)

The stone represents the 144,000 and “those with” from within the church? No. For it says that the stone represents the “first fruits of the kingdom.” Who gets “cut out” and separated from the mountain (the church)? The 144,000. Beyond clear!

   Beyond question, therefore, the 144,000 guileless servants of God (Rev. 14:5), composing the government of God in its beginning, the stone which smites the image, and which subsequently becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth, are instrumental in the eventual overthrow of all earthly governments. (TG, vol. 2, no.46, p.31)

The 144,000 guileless servants of God compose the government of God. Also further evidence that the stone that is separated is composed of the 144,000.

Timely Greetings quote ( TG, vol. 2, no.22, p.22-24) concerns the Chariot and horses of Zech. 6. This issue has be well documented. Our research shows that the church “after” Ezekiel 9 is represented by the large brass mountain, not the chariot. Therefore the “those with” argument in relations to Zech. 6 is moot because it relies on false assumptions.

Rev. 11:1 — “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the Temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.”

   The measuring of the worshipers is in reality the numbering of them.  And so you see that following the Seventh-day Adventist Movement there is to be a numbering of its people.  And as there is but one numbered company, the 144,000 (Rev. 7:3), the first fruits (Rev. 14:4), the servants of God (7:3), it follows that they are the ones who are numbered, who escape, and also who are sent to the nations.  Yes, they are the ones who finish the Mystery of God as they bring all their brethren out of all nations (Rev. 7:9), the second fruits.(TG, vol. 2, no.15, p.9)

Again, Inspiration says how many “escape”– 144,000.


Now we take a look at the last writings of brother Houteff on our subject. Here is the “end  of the scroll”. The “those with” “progressive light” arguments (particularly now promoted by Lennox Sam of Wavesheaf Ministries) that the last words by VTH on our subject must be more weighty than prior statements, must submit t0 the last prophet’s word on the 144,000 — the Jezreel Letters(1953). The very last words from the prophet were the 1954 Symbolic Code, Vol. 10 , no.2. But we found no mention of our subject there.

For sometime now you have had the eleventh-hour publications (tracts and “Timely Greetings” — postmarked Waco — including a copy of the “1950 General Conference Special,” and the “White-House Recruiter”), all bearing the light of God so direly needed at this climactic hour of time — the long expected message of the sealing of the 144,000 (the purification of the church — the judgment of the living in the “house of God”: the message to the Laodiceans), the Loud Cry, and kindred events. (JL, no.1, p.4)

How many does the “sealing message” seal from the purified church? 144,000.

All these scriptures and many more, my friend, as you plainly see, refer to the purification of the church, to the great and dreadful day of the Lord (Mal. 4:5), to the Judgment for the Living and the gathering of the saints — the “harvest” of which every prophet has written, some more and some less.  Since this is so you certainly see that our elders are now doing what the priests in Christ’s day were doing, and also what the religious leaders down through the Reformation were doing, and are no less determined to keep this message away from the laity, and to thereby deceive even the very elect, the 144,000, the very first fruits of the harvest, those who are to survive the Judgment “in the house of God” (1 Pet. 4:17), the future servants of God! (JL, no.2, p.7)

Who are those who survive the Judgment “in the house of God”? The 144,000.

My beloved. The following is the most solid evidence in this final unrolling of the scroll. Please read this carefully, even two or three times if necessary. It’s that important!

 Your bragging about the Denomination’s numerous conversions the world over now challenges you to honestly answer the questions that here ensue: Why are you Elders jubilantly bringing the multitudes into the churches if you positively know that only 144,000 out of a vast multitude of church members are to be worthy of salvation?  Why are you giving them hope of a home in the Kingdom if you positively know that they cannot be saved?  Is not such an ingathering outright deception and the greatest endeavor to infiltrate the church with tares ever heard of, and is it not spiritual whoredom of the worst kind to fill the church of God with devils? (JL, no. 5, p.5-6)

Brethren this is powerful! The prophet is admonishing the leaders for continuing to bring in more and more into the church! He is saying that they should not be hypocrites by deceiving the “multitudes” into coming into the church,as they know only 144,000 are ‘worthy of salvation” from the church. He calls it “outright deception”. Brother Houteff, really is saying that because they are rejecting the Lord’s Elijah message and bringing in people only to tell them that the message of the Lord is false(Elijah message), why are they doing this? A false hope indeed, “spiritual whoredom”!

Those are not my words or anyone else but the prophet’s. Let’s now stand upon the sure word of prophecy–God’s word.

To show that Inspiration, had not, in close to 20 years, changed it’s view on the clear understanding of the 144,000 being saved from the church (JL, no. 5, p.5-6) , we see the same view back in 1935!

Moreover, what is the use of bringing a multitude into the church, making them believe that they are saved when in reality they are lost? As it is contrary to God’s desire to bring into the church those who are not saved (tares) the brethren’s position of only 144,000 living saints is nothing short than of a thought which conveys the idea that the denominational rapid growth, as told by sweeping statements from the pulpits, is not God’s doing, but the doing of the sower of the evil seed whose chief business is to choke out the wheat by a full field of “tares.” Is not such a program a most terrible deception rather than salvation?( SC, vol.1, no.18, p.8)

Also, a third time confirmed —

“Notwithstanding the fact that “in the closing work” for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. only 144,000 are to be sealed, according to Testimonies, vol. 3, p.266…” (Answerer, vol. 3, Question 54)

Let us clearly notice the word “fact” prior to what he says.

Brethren, let us at once believe that which is written, not that which we want as written,as some have done to further their agenda.

Thanks be to God that the 144,000 are not all the living saints that they are but the “first fruits” (Rev. 14:4) of the great harvest that they are not from all nations but only from the twelve tribes of the children of Israel (Rev. 7:4-8) — the fruits from the church at the commencement of the harvest (Judgment for the Living).  The great multitude, though, which John saw immediately after the sealing of the 144,000, are “from all nations” (Rev. 7:9), over whom Babylon then rules (Rev. 17), and who are called to come out of her (Rev. 18:4).  They are the second fruits. (JL, no. 5, p.9)

During his ministry, brother Houteff was continually battling the SDA leaders over the fact that they taught that the 144,000 were the ONLY ones saved from the world. Here he straightens them out about the “second fruits”. Praise the Lord, the world will soon be , to a large degree, converted! A great multitude which no man could number!

Moreover, the 144,000 are only the first fruits (Rev. 14:4) and where there is first there must be second fruits also else there cannot be first. Because there is a first resurrection we know that there is a second one.  Those that were seen after the sealing of the 144,000, the great multitude from all nations (Rev. 7:9) are, therefore, the second fruits.

Besides their racial lineage of identification there are the words “first,” “fruits,” “servants of God,” “sealed” and “standing on Mount Zion” by which to identify who the 144,000 are and what they are.  Obviously they are called fruits because they are the result of the “harvest,” the work which separates the tares from the wheat. (JL, no.6, p.1-2)

It is now your God-given duty and privilege, the duty of the laity to whole-heartedly advance His cause, to help save the brethren, the 144,000, the firstfruits first, then the great multitude from all nations.  Now you see the importance of working strictly for the denomination before we are sent to the nations.(JL, no. 6, p.8)

Ok, we are now done with our case and calling of the witnesses. Next week we shall hear the verdict and produce the summary.

“But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.”(John 16:13)


The 144,000 Truth (Part 5 of 7)

5 Jul

As previously mentioned, we need to keep expanding this study. Kindly bear with us as we add to our parts of study (though it appears 7 will finally be it). This post will be one of the longer posts due to the many quotes from these witnesses.

This post we’ll call our next two witnesses, the Symbolic Codes and the Answerer. These are a gold mine of information on our topic, so we’ll look very closely at them.

Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no.15,  p.9 —

Question: “Will all but the 144,000 of the present S.D.A. denomination actually be slain in the separation?”

   Answer: All but those who do not receive the mark or seal, old or young, male or female, will fall under the slaughter weapons of the angels. (Ezek. 9:6.) Only those who sigh and cry for all the abominations in the midst thereof will receive the mark. (verse 4.) John saw 144,000 sealed (marked). If others from within the S.D.A. denomination besides the 144,000 should escape, it is not known to us.

This one is, as many are aware, is one of the plainest declarations by the prophet. The prophet flatly tells us that he is not aware of anymore than 144,000 surviving the church judgment.

We are well aware that some brethren are claiming the “progressive light” theory applies here. Yes, this theory certainly is true, as the scroll unrolls.  We will closely look at the very last works of the prophet to see what is said. These would be the early 1950’s writings of Jezreel Letters(1953)and Sym. Code, vol.10(1954), and the already discussed Tract-White House Recruiter-1951.

Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no.9, p.8–

And as the 144,000 are first fruits, showing that second fruits must follow, and further, as the “net” has through the years gathered “of every kind, good (the 144,000) and bad alike, therefore the “net” has to be drawn ashore and the “good” gathered into “vessels,” and the “bad” “cast away” before the second fruits (the great multitude — Rev. 7:9; Isa. 66:20) can be gathered (Rev. 18:4).

   Thus the time spoken of in the statement under discussion is at Ezekiel 9, when the gospel to the 144,000 has been completed and they — the first fruits — have been harvested the world over; the gospel has sealed them for eternity and has completed its work in their lives, and they are ready to be sown (sent forth) for the harvesting of the second fruits in the Loud Cry, at the close of which time the harvest will have been completed and they (the second fruits) will have been added to the 144,000 (the first fruits), and all will be ready for translation.

How many get harvested “the world over” from the church? The 144,000. Then they are sent forth to gather the second fruits, and both added to make God’s kingdom.

Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no.11-12, p.9 —

 Moreover, having one’s name on the church books does not assure any one of being saved. Having your name written in the books of heaven is what counts. Your acceptance of the truth and a desire to comply with all the requirements which the message provides, is what secures your membership in the church of the redeemed.

This reference is shown to understand the ramifications of what is said here.  Here we see that the prophet indicates that  SDA church membership is not the only way that one can have their names written in the “books in heaven.” Therefore, this would explain the fact that once the 144,000 are escaped from the church, some may be found who are in “acceptance of the truth” and complying “with all the requirements” but not in the church membership. This then makes another case for identifying “those with”. They obviously would join with the 144,000 to go to the promised land.

So far we have identified two types of “those with”. The Special resurrection SDA, and now the “truth abiders” from outside of the SDA church. This may include any number of other Sabbath churches. There are approximately 500 (or more) churches around the world who declare to keep the Sabbath.


Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no.11-12, p.9–

Question: “Will those who are now accepting the S.D.A. faith during this sealing time be among the 144,000, or fall in the slaughter of Ezekiel 9?”

   Answer: All that are found members of the church at the fulfillment of Ezekiel Nine will either receive the seal and be of the 144,000, or else be left without and fall under the “slaughter weapons” of the “five men.” Only those who “sigh and cry for all the abominations” in the church will escape from the destruction.

This is another plain and clear declaration. One cannot escape the obvious conclusion there can be no “those with” here. Wouldn’t the “those with” be “signing and crying for all the abominations”? Of course they would and obviously they would be sealed, right? But only 144,000 are sealed from the church according to this reference. This statement is one of the solid ones against the “those with” idea.


Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no.11-12, p.2 —

  Though those whom the message first reached excused themselves, the latter class (the laity) responded to the call, and as “the servant said, Lord it is done as Thou hast commanded, and yet there is room,” shows that after the message shall first be delivered to the church, and gather one group of guests, it is then to go to the “highways and hedges” — the world, or outside of the church — and bring a second group. The 144,000 being the “firstfruits” (Rev. 14:4), it proves that those who came from the “highways and hedges” are the second fruits of Rev. 7:9.

Notice that “one group” is gathered  and is to come from the SDA church. Then he identifies who that group is — the 144,000 first fruits.

We must be careful not to interpose that which isn’t there, as much as sometimes we’d like to. As much as we would want to see the great majority saved from the SDA church, we can never deny, change or alter that which the word of God declares. That’s the whole purpose of this study–to find out what HE says, not what we want Him to say.


Symbolic Code, vol.2, no.5-8, p.8 —

 All that are found members of the church up to the fulfillment of Ezekiel Nine will either receive the seal and be a part of or with the 144,000, or else be left without the seal and fall under the “slaughter weapons” of the “five men.”

Here is one of the stronger verses for the case of “those with”. Although, we must remember that we have to understand it from the writers point of view. After reading those many prior clear verses that show that only 144,000 escape and are sealed from the church, we are faced with two conclusions. One, that VTH all of a sudden declares there will be others that survive “with the 144,000” ( a bolt of new light). Two, that he did not  mean it in a way that suggests what, on the surface, appears to point to others sealed and escaped from the SDA church.

Let us for argument’s sake, say that the first conclusion is correct. Now, what do we do with the 20+ verses against “those with” views so far? Do we throw it out? Do we side with the one or two that may suggest “those with” survive and escape? One thing is clear, although “we” may be confused in the above passage, VTH was not.
“The Shepherd’s Rod” has cleared the subject of the 144,000 in every respect ..” (SC, vol. 1, no.5-6, p.8) 

Additionally, according to the “progressive light” theory,  if we now believe that VTH has changed his stance and shown us here that there are “those with”, we expect him to be consistent with this belief from here on, right? The progressive light theory must work both ways right?

In White House Recruiter, we found this quote,  “Hence these escaped (remaining) ones are God’s remnant, His first fruits of the harvest, His guileless servants, the 144,000 — the elect.  And only they, none others, the Scriptures declare, shall bring all their brethren from all nations, in a clean vessel, into the purified house of the Lord — His White House.” 

This quote was in 1951, Well after the 1935 quote shown above in Symbolic Code. So if we are to go by this theory we must cling to the White House Recruiter(1951), Jezreel Letters(1953), and Symbolic Code, vol. 10(1954), not the 1935 Sym. Code quote, as final light on the subject.


Symbolic code, vol. 5, no.6-12, p.8 —

“Thus those who in the time of the sealing are among the 144,000, and who do not receive the mark of God, according to Ezekiel’s vision, are to be tested, not by the image of the beast, but by their attitude toward the abominations in the church; and those who do not “sigh and cry” against the abominations therein, will be separated by the angels’ slaughter weapons (ezek. 9:6)..”

Again, not to beat a dead horse but if the “those with” survive, don’t they have to sigh and cry against the abominations as well as the 144,000? Then they must be marked  and  sealed obviously. Then the number would not be 144,000 sealed from the church, correct? It would have to be larger. But as we’ve seen time and again, the prophet says repeatedly that  only 144,000 are sealed from the church.

We understand that some bring up the view that these sealed are just the “Israelites” in the church. We’ll look at that further as we go.


Symbolic Code, vol. 7, no.7-12, p.9 —

The fact that there is a remnant (that which is left) of the seed of the woman, shows that her seed is divided into two parts, and that consequently the symbolism represents three groups of people: (1) the woman; (2) the first part of her seed–those who in this instance are not the remnant; (3) the second part of her seed–those who are the remnant.

In the light of this symbolical representation, the woman, herself, is seen to symbolize the mother-part of the church–God’s appointed and Spirit-filled ministers who bring in the born-again (John 3:3) converts.  The first part of her seed must, accordingly, be the first fruits, the 144,000, who, separated from the sinners that were among them, are taken to Mount Sion, there to stand with the Lamb (Rev. 14:1). 

Notice the last paragraph. Who are the ones who get separated from the sinners among them? The 144,000. If we look back a few references above where VTH supposedly changed his view and included “those with” understanding, then why are they not also mentioned as separated and to stand with the Lamb on Mount Sion? Didn’t he now have this new “those with” revelation after the 1935 quote (SC, vol. 1, no.5-6, p.8) ?


Symbolic Code, vol. 9, no.1-12, p.5-6 —

So in the time between the “latter rain” of truth and the “outpouring” of the Spirit’s power, there will be a consecrated number who will escape from among the “slain of the Lord.”  In other words, at the first-fruit harvest, when all the sinners have been taken out of the church, and the righteous left by themselves as were the 120 disciples in the upper room, then and only then can the Lord finally pour out His Spirit’s power upon all, so that all (all the “escaped” ones) shall prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions.

There will be “all sinners” taken from the church and only the righteous “left”. We notice that a specific certain “consecrated number” will escape. The only number ever disclosed as escaping is–144,000. What does the word “consecrate” mean? Dedicated to a sacred purpose. Also we know that the Elijah prophet was to restore all things.

Now about the Acts 1:15 quote used as another reference to support the “those with” theory, we can once and for all silent that one. How? Because the “restorer” restored that point. Acts 1:15 says there were “about” 120 disciples gathered for Pentecost. So some claim that the “about” word can mean that the ‘type” of the 144,000 had an extra amount of “those with”.

But in reviewing what the restorer said, we found that each time he mentioned the gathering, he said “the 120 disciples” never “about 120 disciples”. See TG, vol. 2, no.22, p.20 and  Answerer, vol. 2, p.9  for example. There was no “about” about it, to use pun intended.

You see this is what is so beautiful about the Lord sending a “restorer” to us. He knew what needed to be restored! Only 120 Disciples were there, thus anti-type would be 144,000.


That concludes the Symbolic Code references. As explained earlier, if anyone has references that we’ve missed , feel free to bring it to our attention and if applicable we’ll be happy to add it.

Now we go to the Answerer.


Answerer, vol.3, p.26 —

Notwithstanding the fact that “in the closing work” for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, only 144,000 are to be sealed, according to Testimonies, Vol. 3, p. 266, …

Inspiration calls it a “fact” that “only 144,000”  are to be sealed for the church. Simple , straight and unmistakable.

 Answerer, vol. 2, question 42 —

Observe the “the stone” (the Kingdom) does not become a great mountain until after it smites the image, showing that the Kingdom begins in it’s infancy with only the first fruits, who soon stand on Mount Zion with the Lamb…

If “those with” survive the church judgment, then how can they be part of the Kingdom, when Inspiration says “only the first fruits” make up the Kingdom at first? Further, in all the Rod, not once is the term “those with” ever used in conjunction with describing them as “first fruits”. We are seeing brethren,  from so many statements and angles that this “those with” belief is crumbling like sand.

Answerer, vol. 4, p.34-35 —

Question No. 92:

“The Shepherd’s Rod,” Vol. 1, p. 30, makes the statement that the Seventh-day Adventist denomination numbered 300,000 at the time the book was written, this fact suggesting that about half, 144,000, are the five wise virgins and that the other half are the five foolish virgins. But how can this be so when today the Denomination numbers 500,000?


Writing in 1930, the Rod was necessarily speaking in terms, not of the then unknown membership of today, but of the established membership at that time. And though the number then (300,000) did naturally suggest about an even division of members (two classes, good and bad–“wise virgins” and “foolish virgins”), yet as there are only 144,000 Israelites to be sealed, the number of the unsealed would have even then exceeded the number of the sealed.

In the final analysis, however, it is neither the Rod’s purpose nor its intent to say just how many wise and how many foolish there will be in this first-fruit harvest, for when the whole truth is made known, the figure of the “five wise virgins,” besides comprehending the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel, may be found to include a considerable number from the Gentile nations.

This is one that appears complicated.  But actually if we simply study it out we see who the five virgins encompasses. The last part of quote tells us. “Besides comprehending the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel” there are to be found Gentiles from the Gentile nations. So after the “whole truth is made known” after Ezekiel 9 in other words, there will be found Gentiles.

In researching for this article and specifically concerning this quote we found brother Tony Hibbert’s explanation quite thorough.

–“Can the church be termed Virgins after Ezekiel nine? Absolutely! Inspiration says so. Even in the kingdom the church will be termed “virgins”.

“Again, in verses 47 and 48 Christ draws a parallel between the Church a “net”; the people he likens to “fish,” and the purification to a separation, whereas in Matthew 25 He calls the purified Church the Kingdom of God, and the people He likens unto “virgins,” and the cleansing He illustrates by a door which lets in the wise but keeps out the foolish. (TG, VOL. 2, P.31)

“Thus there is no doubt that the people of the purified Church are termed “virgins”. In the parable , remember, the wise are allowed in to the wedding feast, but the foolish are kept out. Therefore, after the door is shut (after the slaughter) the kingdom is represented as all “wise virgins”. Whereas the church before Ezekiel Nine is represented as the church with both ‘wise” and “foolish”.”(The Truth about The One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand And Those With, A. Anthony Hibbert)

We found this reference as well that shows the ten virgins encompass the men of the world.

“Thus saith the Lord of hosts; It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the Lord, and to seek the Lord of hosts: I will go also.  Yea, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord.  Thus saith the Lord of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.” (Zech. 8:20-23.)

   The meaning of the “ten men” is the same as the “ten virgins” of Matthew 25:1.  The ten virgins signify the church as a body; and the “men” symbolically denote those who are to be converted to the church, and that they shall come from all languages, and nations.  “Even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew;” that is, the one who is a Jew represents Christ in the person of His saints (the 144,000), “His skirt”represents truth or the church as a whole, by which the 144,000 are symbolically clothed. (SRod, vol.2, p.281)


 Answerer, vol.4, p.35-36

Question No. 93:

Although I am not a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, yet since I have the light on Ezekiel 9 and on the truth of the 144,000, will I fall in the slaughter of the wicked if I do not fully accept and live up to the light? And, conversely, will I be subject to the enjoyment of the privileges of the 144,000 and be one of them if I obey all the light of this message?


Even though you are not a member of the church, still you will be held accountable for the light which you have on the subject, for no one finds the truth accidentally, or sees it without the Holy Spirit’s aid.

By the same law of accountability or sacred responsibility, even though you may have come into the message only recently you can be eligible for the election of the 144,000 if you live up to the message that is to purify and seal them. Whether or not for a certainty, however, you will be one of them, we do not know, but if you are faithful to the message, you will at least be one with them.

Brother Houteff  identifies the “those with” as those who will die obeying the Davidian message. Even though in this case we see that some of the ‘those with” may include those not found in the SDA church, as mentioned earlier.


Answerer, vol. 5, p. 89-90 —

Question No. 161:

Sister White was told that only the 144,000 may enter the holy temple in heaven. Since, however, she herself went in (for she says, “The wonderful things I there SAW”–“Early Writings,” p. 19), is she not one of the 144,000?


We must realize that Sister White entered the temple only in vision, not in reality. The 144,000 were not bodily there, and neither was she. She was taken there in vision for no reason other than to view the things therein, that she might describe them to us. So necessarily, of course, she had to enter in. And since she certifies that the 144,000 are “living saints” Early Writings, p. 15) and since she herself died, she cannot be one of them, though she can be one with them.

This fact is very clearly borne out in another vision in which she was taken to a planet that had seven moons, where she “saw good old Enoch.” The place was so beautiful and her desire for it so keen that she begged the angel to let her stay there. “Then the angel said, ‘You must go back and if you are faithful, you, with the 144,000 shall have the privilege of visiting all the worlds and viewing the handiwork of God.'”–Early Writings, p. 40.

So, though she will not be one of them, she will, happily, be one with them.

Again we see more clarification of “those with”. Ellen White is the classic example of the Special resurrection ones.


This concludes part 5 of our case. In these witnesses we see  9 references strongly in favor of only 144,000 escaping, and 2 that may appear siding with the ” those with”. But as shown when we dig deeper those two don’t hold up well upon close examination. We also found out who can be included as being “those with”.

Next week we’ll call the Timely Greetings and Jezreel Letters. We mentioned that we need to pay close attention to the last of brother Houteff’s writings. The Jezreel Letters are the final word written on our subject. We’ll finish up with that , then in part 7, we’ll conclude with a final summary.