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The Chart — A Summary Chart of Types (Part 2 of 2)

16 Apr

Summary Chart of Types

“Though the duration of this last section  of probationary time (entitled Israel), is shorter than any of the periods before it, it is the most glorious time of God’s church.”(Srod, vol. 1, p.228)

Let us  get to the two difficult questions, points 6 and then 7 from our last post.  As we mentioned above, the time between 1844 to 1931 may mean something.  If we count the years from 1844 to 1931, we get 87 years. Depending on the dates in 1844 and 1931, we can add some months to the 87 years.

As we look at the bold highlighted quote above,  we see that he makes a plain declaration. Speaking of the 3rd period, the harvest period, he says, “is shorter than any of the periods before it”.  We already found out that the prior 2nd period of 87 years is the shortest probationary  time period that exists in the chart. So logically the last period of the harvest (Israel) must be shorter than 87 years to make this statement true.

Notice there are no “exact dates” mentioned or even a approximate date. Only a general time period.  It has however,  a time line to be kept if it is proven true.

VTH made these applicable  statements — “Is there any way whereby we can determine the time of the opening of the seal, and the commencement of the judgment for the living? If  God so faithfully revealed to the living the commencement of the judgment for the dead, it can not be possible that He would keep secret the time of the judgment for the living. If He did, we would have no present truth in the time of the last seal; neither could there be justice in such secrecy, nor could such judgment be legal.”

“Therefore, a revelation of the judgment for the living is of as great importance as the revelation or the gospel itself. For the judgment (blotting out the sins) is the crowning act in the gospel of Christ. Thus we conclude that when the seal is opened, and the judgment for the living begins, we must know it. The day of atonement in its type proves the same, for the Israelites were well informed of the event, their duty, and the consequence.”( 2 S.R. page 220.) 

Taking 87 years and adding that to 1931, we get the year 2018 (again with possible months as well) . Shorter time period than that can be anything from 2018 backwards. Again we are being approximate, as in give or take months.

So it appears that the approximate year  of 2018 is the last year that can exist for the “Israel” period so that it is shorter than the other listed periods.

But this assumption has 2 areas that must be addressed. And these are important logical concerns. Both were brought up by two very experienced and knowledgeable Davidian brothers.

The first concern is– What about the prophetic 42 months and its future application? If we are to say that this prophetic 42 month time period has not yet begun, then we are forced to add 3 and 1/2 years to at least today which brings us to the year 2017 and several months. In other words, this would put the chart is disarray as far as the Israel time period being the shortest period, and thus not true.

What we do know is this,  Brother Houteff was very close to addressing a Davidian concern of when the 42 months would take place, its future fulfillment. The witnessed account says that his wife and others asked him the night before he died when this future application would take place and how. He said “You’ll have your answer in the morning” (A Davidian Testimony, p.201-204). As we know God took him that next morning, thus the revelation was silenced by the Lord. In other words this 42 month anti-type application is to be –silent. We are not to know it.

Then that being true, who can’t say that this 42 month period is already progressing? Maybe we are at the  2nd or 3 rd year of it? We just don’t know. So we can’t let this 42 month application hinder the prediction of the Israel period being the shortest.

The other far more concerning area,  is the understanding of Ezekiel 39:9 and it’s “seven years” of burning the weapons. This issue was raised and frankly it stopped us dead in our tracks and we had to re-study this area more in-depth. Prayer is a great help when we just can’t see it through. But after a few weeks the “possible” answer came. We say possible because this author is not a prophet, and there was only ONE last prophet to come before the great and dreadful day of the Lord–the Lord’s “Elijah”(Mal.4:5), Victor T. Houteff.

Keep in mind this whole 2 part study is solely for “proving God’s word correct.” We are not attempting to re-write the chart or change it’s meaning. Only arrive at the intended symbolic and literal meanings of it as to our current timeline.

To address this issue of the seven years of burning we should look at other writings of the Rod to get more clues. In the Flood study we know the Rod said that the plague time period would be 15 months (449 days) (SRod, vol. 2, p.251). So that section 7 in the chart (Seven Last Plagues) will be only 15 months. So we know that if this 7 years is literal it cannot happen within the plagues. This makes the issue one of –is the seven years of burning  in Ezekiel literal or symbolic?

In the literal application and as this burning of the weapons has not happened yet, we would add 7 years to 2014 and get 2021,  this would mean the last Israel period could not possibly  be “shorter” than the 2nd period as VTH declared. A serious problem?

What if we take a  different look at the “7  years” declared in Ezek. 39:9? We searched  EGW and VTH’s writings , and they  are very quiet about explaining this in detail. No support for or against this literal 7 years other than a  simple repeating of the verse. At least we know that the “restorer of all things” (truth) did not confirm it further by commenting in the affirmative as it being 7 literal years of burning.

We found  a possible  clue or key to understanding this “7 years”.  In Tract 5, p.112, we find the following inspired statements from VTH.

“And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted,  and gave glory to the God of heaven.”(Rev. 11:13)

“The “hour,” “the earthquake,” the “tenth part,” “the city,” the “seven thousand”slain, and “the remnant” must, to maintain the integrity of the entire trumpet symbolism, themselves be symbolical.”

When we look at Ezekiel 39:9, we see the symbolic weapons as shields, bucklers, bows and arrows, javelins and spears. No such weapons will be used in the upcoming war. So to say one part of the verse is symbolic and the other is not may not be “maintaining the integrity of the entire symbolism” of that meaning.

So if God’s word says that “seven thousand” is symbolic, is it unrealistic  to think that “seven years” is also symbolic? Especially when symbolism is used in that same verse?

We all know that 7 represents the completion number. Could it be that instead of a literal 7 years of burning, it represents a symbolic  7 years, or in other words, a time of complete and final burning  of this  earth’s weapons of destruction?

Spirit of prophecy also gives us clear guidelines — “The language of the Bible should be explained according to its obvious meaning, unless a symbol or figure is employed.” (GC. p.598)  Ezekiel 39:9 certainly qualifies under this application.

So in order for the Israel period to possibly be shorter , the 7 years of burning would have to be symbolic. Surprisingly,  in researching this subject we found quite a few “Biblical scholars” who have stated their understanding as  symbolic rather than literal.

Bottom line is that this Ezek. 39:9 is a definite “wait and see” prophecy. One way will confirm the first assumption is correct in VTH’s writing of this Summary Chart (limited light view), the other, the second assumption will be correct (the literal view as truth).

The last difficult statement — “Israel the true (the 144,000) are sealed at the close of the fifth section.”

Here is perhaps the most confusing  statement, and  if we surface read it and then look at the chart, we are left with a conviction that what VTH said here simply wasn’t true. But again, this is where we must  put on our spiritual magnifying glasses because the truth of the statement is right before us in all it’s God-given glory!

Let us look at the chart now. Notice that the only place that brother Houteff mentions the “fifth section” is in the foundational dotted line section below the different time periods (numbers 1 to 6). Now go back to the 1st section and you’ll see a straight line coming down from the Out of Ur heading going through the small foundation line showing a distinct separation between section 1 and 2. Same for all of the other areas.  Although the end of types line at the cross doesn’t have a small through line in the foundational section, it does continue  on down to the bottom of chart, again showing separation from section 3 to anti-typical section 1. Perhaps VTH omitted it briefly in reverence for the Lord and His cross. But all other periods have that division line drawn through the foundational section or through to the bottom of picture except the fifth section! It stands unique.

So what does that mean? It can only mean that section 5 extends into section 6!  It divinely doesn’t have that separating line through the foundational dotted line , showing that the fifth section overlaps into the time period of the 6th. In other words the sealing of the 5th section is still going on now in the 6th period. The fifth period has not stopped in 1931. Which makes perfect sense because we know that the SDA church has extended into the 6th period.  So the only conclusion here is that the separating line (1931/ second exodus) isn’t placed there for separation of the sealing time but to separate the Tares and Wheat period from the Harvest period(as explained earlier).

What this shows is an “overlapping” of time periods. The Shepherd’s Rod message has other such overlapping such as —

Brother Houteff explains, “The Shepherd’s Rod,” Vol. 2, p. 221 explains that though the events of each of the seals follow one another in chronological order, not one of them ceases before the second coming of Christ.  Hence, though the  great multitude are chronologically recorded under the sixth seal, they worship before the throne after the seventh seal is opened.  In other words, they stand before the throne at the time when both the sixth and seventh seals are open, for all the seals end at the same time.” (Sym. Code, vol. 3, no.1, p.10).

Brother Houteff made another comment of this overlapping such as the statement, “The sixth seal may overlap the seventh” (1 TG , no.35, p.19)

Therefore the close of the “fifth  section” has not happened yet as shown on the chart.

Our study is summed up with these words — “Unless the meaning of every symbol is fittingly explained so that it cannot be contradicted, and a present truth lesson with special significance derived, the interpretation cannot be dependable and there can be no truth in it. God does not make vain repetitions, neither would He waste the time of His servants to write them. Therefore, every little symbol has it’s meaning, and reveals a great truth.” (SRod, vol. 2,p.194)


Now we’d like to post some inspiration showing that the end time events are to be very short, giving much credence to the events of the Loud Cry being quick rather than several years.


“Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.” (Test. for the Church, vol. 9, p.11)

“The commencement of that time of trouble,” here mentioned does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out, but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the sanctuary.” (Early Writings, p.85)

Could we be heading into the final rapid movements of only a few years? Could the Loud Cry be a short and rapid as one year? We as Davidians know that the Lord gave the remnant church leaders one year to accept the Rod message.Type and anti-type?

“…Elijah’s message, the last Heaven-sent proclamation of the gospel, which is preached first to the church just before the great and dreadful day of the Lord (Mal. 4:5), and then to all the world during that long-expected day. (Tract no.9, p.67) Day for a year principal here?

In speaking of final events (Ezek.39:9-13, 25-29) (Joel 3:1,2,9-12) (Matt.25:32-34) brother Houteff said, “These are some of the future events that are soon to follow in quick succession in the ushering in of the kingdom.  Then follows the closing of probation, and the pouring out of the seven last plagues, which shall fall upon those who figuratively stand on His left hand — those who are outside Palestine.  Then while the plagues are falling, the mightiest of all battles will be fought, “the battle of that great day of God Almighty”, — the long expected end of the world, — the Armageddon (Rev. 16:12-16). (Tract 12, p.52)

Recently we watched a short Fox news special on the upcoming Blood Moon Tetrads. They will be occurring beginning in April of 2014 and ending in April of 2015. All of these consecutive four blood moons will be occurring at or very near  Old Testament ceremonial days. An occurrence that is extremely and phenomenally rare. ( Passover 4/15/14,  Sukkot 10/08/14, Passover 4/14/15, and ending with Sukkot 9/28/15.)

The prior Blood Moons have coincided with noteworthy changes concerning the Holy Land.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” (Joel 2: 31)

We know that as soon as the Lord’s feet touches the Holy Land, the elect (144,000) will hasten to get there and in very short order. And so the gospel proclamation will be  ready to go to the four corners.

” Having thus opened the way for the re-establishment of the house of Judah, His peoplewho beforehand have been informed of it through present Truth, will flee to the valley, to where the Lord’s feet stand, as quickly as if they were fleeing from an earthquake; and all the saints thereafter follow them.” (TG, vol. 1, no.19, p.4)

“The bright light going among the living creatures with the swiftness of lightning represents the speed with which this work will finally go forward to completion.” Testimonies, Vol. 5 p. 754.

“The Lord God of heaven will not send upon the world His judgments for disobedience and transgression until He has sent His watchmen to give the warning. He will not close up the period of probation until the message shall be more distinctly proclaimed. The law of God is to be magnified; its claims must be presented in their true, sacred character, that the people may be brought to decide for or against the truth. Yet the work will be cut short in righteousness. The message of Christ’s righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord. This is the glory of God, which closes the work of the third angel.” (Test. for the Church, vol.6, p.19)

Said the angel, “Deny self; ye must step fast.” Some of us have had time to get the truth and to advance step by step, and every step we have taken has given us strength to take the next. But now time is almost finished, and what we have been years learning, they will have to learn in a few months. They will also have much to unlearn and much to learn again.” (Early Writings, p.67)

The kingdom-church conclusively, therefore, must be “set up” before the Devil turns upon the remnant, those who are left behind and who are then being gathered, and against whom he comes to war because they refuse to worship him in the person of the beast and his image (Rev. 13:15).(SC, vol. 7-12, p.9)

“Thus will the Gospel be finished by those who escape from the Lord’s slaying (Isa.66:15,16) and God’s people be quickly gathered from the four corners of the earth, happily brought as an offering to the house of the Lord (Isa. 66:19,20) (Timely Greetings, Vol. 2, No. 22, page 26)

“Finally the world’s eyes will come open to the situation, and one nation invites another nation, the gospel work will intensely speed up.” (TG, vol.1, no. 5, p.5)

“The sealing time is very short, and will soon be over.” (Early Writings, p.58)

“For He will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.” (Romans 9:28)

Can we honestly think that several years we be as “quickly”? It makes much more sense that this describes something like a year or two, or maybe less.

We have just passed the 7 billion population mark. Seven is God’s complete and fulfilled number. This is additional proof that His plan is now about to be fulfilled. Are we ready? Our robes washed and clean? Our repetitive sins banished by the power of our Lord’s Spirit?

Closing Summary

We remember that we as the 7th Day Adventist church was formed out of the Millerite movement, which VTH interpreted as the “Philadelphia Church”.  And that God had revealed a prophetic time period secret to William Miller of the 2300 days. So this precedent was set, in that although exact dates are not to be set, there appears  time periods are sometimes revealed to His prophets.

Did Victor Houteff, divinely show us from God’s instruction through the chart, that we could figure out the  “time of the end” in an approximate time frame? Or is our long-held Davidian understanding true that VTH did not have all the light when he wrote the Summary Chart — correct?

Only time will tell. Let us be ready regardless.

“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” (Matt. 25:13)