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Stand at Our Post

9 Feb


Recently we received an email which is, most likely, all too common in the beliefs of those within the SDA. Mother and the laity are asking questions, they are searching. Because these are great and timely concerns, we’d like to post this and give some “Thus saith the Lord” responses.

“Thank you so much brother rob, to be new in the Adventist faith just like me its a struggle, I remember 2012 while I was still in modern revivals Sunday worship we did not have strife like these I don’t know which way to go.

Anyway early last year I was introduce to an Adventist faith to know more about Sabbath, then suddenly when I come in to join the Adventist faith I have encounter two movements within a movement, SDA & DSDA even worse so much is happening inside the Davidians we have got Salem, Upa7, Mountaindale, and Waco texas which is regarded as the true headquarters and true original shepherds rod publication is found for all Timely greetings reference its Waco Texas. Then you find so called the Branch Davidian. …I’m so confuse at this state I don’t even know were to start . I wish I had all material of the shepherds rod to read all that it contain inside.
Yours in Christ.”

(Author withheld for privacy reasons)

First, we noticed that this man is really on the “advanced” path. To be just a beginner SDA about a year ago, and now pursuing the Lord’s Rod teachings is akin to going from the 9th grade to an accredited first class university!

The Lord gives us promises. When we pick up the cross and live daily to do His will, we are then promised to know His true doctrines (teachings) (See John 7:17). As we stay on this road we are then promised to be “guided into all truth” (John16:13).  What great assurances!

So we see that because this man is searching, we must  “ ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear..”(1 Peter 3:15).

Yes, our brother is correct, there is much happening “inside the Davidians.” The headquarters issue is just one of the ongoing issues that often separate the brethren. Let us look into this issue.

Brother Houteff makes clear the issue of whether it is necessary to have a formal membership within an organization to be considered a true “Davidian”.


Question No. 150:

   As the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association does not have a formal membership what evidence can one give to identify himself as a member of the organization? And how can he establish the length of time he has been with it?


   One’s support of the timely Davidian message, and his living out its principles (baptism, Sabbath observance along with the rest of the ten commandments, vegetarianism, dress reform total abstinence from tobacco and alcoholic beverages, and all else contained in the Spirit of Prophecy), are the truest witnesses of his affiliation, and the only genuine visible certification of the fact. These are the only absolutely convincing evidences of one’s worthiness to membership in the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association.

 Just how long one has been a member of the Association depends entirely upon how long one has known and lived these principles.

   To those who make request, the Association will send an application blank for Fellowship. If the applicant is unable to comply in full with all the requirements of the message, then to his  application he must attach a satisfactory  statement of explanation. Otherwise a Certificate of Fellowship cannot be granted. (Answerer, vol. 5, question 150)

Then we have Spirit of prophecy’s answer, ” No need to depend on sanction of any Minister or any people to do God’s work, God will vindicate you.” Test. for the Church , vol. 7, p.25)

So let us not think that we must join a group or organization to be recognized as a Elijah messenger (Davidian). Sure there are some advantages to joining one  and some should seriously consider doing so if you  are of the persuasion that help and support from the brethren is required. In order to decide which group is right for you, we’d suggest you research their teachings and compare them to the original Rod. And of course –pray and then wait on His answer.

Also, it’s very important to note that the “Spirit of Christ” should be shown. If one group lam-blasts the others and says things that basically say ” We’re the ONLY group teaching the original Rod, all others are lost.” Then you can be assured they have mounted the judgment seat and as such declared what is God’s duty–judgment.

In regards to the “Branch Davidians”, the issue is also clear. Once a truth seeker studies their doctrines, they soon find out that much “adding and subtracting” to the original DSDA teachings is done. The keeping of feast days, the Holy Spirit as a female entity , and other divergent teachings are surely “strange doctrines” not supported by Scripture, SOP or Shepherd’s Rod teachings.

The brother has reached out with “confusion” and therefore needs help. As we are  “standing at our post” the best thing we can do is supply him with all the original tracts, literature, Cd’s and Dvd’s containing the original message. It will be the “Spirit of Truth” that must guide him from there. We help set the table (provide the truths) and it is up to him to eat (read and believe).

Brother Houteff said, “Brethren, start studying for yourselves, and if you are really a seeker of Truth, hungering, and thirsting after righteousness, God will give you by His Spirit the right understanding of His Truth for this time. he will not leave you ignorant of it. His promises never fail and His enemies never win.” (Jezreel Letter, no. 7, p.53)

One last thing in regards to  standing at our post. One serious wrong that is often seen by those proclaiming to be “11th hour” messengers, is the slow responses to a brother or sister who inquires of us. Let us dare not call ourselves a “servant of the Lord” if we ignore our brethren. Timely responses show we care.  The Scripture says, “Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12). And ““And he among you who wants to be the first will be a servant to all.”(Mark 10:44).

Let each of us in these final probationary hours — Stand at our Post –ready for duty.